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Q: I need a 5 min presentation to be used for field sales as well as a multimedia brochure that can be sent to clients.

Presentation will include sounds, video, pics and text.

I do have some basic ideas.

Managing Director
Chauffeur Company

A: All the thinking is right here. To develop a company to its next level of growth and size, you’ll need more customers, large and small. Which means you’ll need a company presentation.

This is where problems occur, and why specialists like ourselves at Studio Rossiter are invited to help.

For example, existing presentations are often inconsistent, or parochial. Or sales staff will present in over-personalised ways, such as skipping products they “don’t like”. Or sales staff will fail to Sell The Company properly, even though they may correctly identify the customer need, and still present themselves well as individuals.

Company growth is beset by common sales problems like these.

But nothing it’s nothing that can’t be tackled with a little initiative and insight (and probably money!)

The obvious answer, as our Chauffeur Company MD correctly identifies, is to have a new custom-built sales presentation.

Broadly there are 2 routes to getting a new sales presentation.

Route 1 is to use Powerpoint, and make the presentation yourself, or pay a designer to make it for you.

What you’ll get is a consistent message that all your future customers will see and appreciate.

Many companies have already done this, whether unofficially through marketers or sales people developing their own in-house powerpoints, or officially by commissioning a paid designer to add lustre and finish to presentation’s appearance.

This is Route 1.

The Route 2 Option is to go for a full-blown multimedia presentation.

But for many this is an uncertain area, as many people don’t really know what a multimedia presentation involves.

So here are some pointers which I hope will help you to determine what a multimedia (as apart from powerpoint presentation) is:

> Multimedia is more exciting to watch, as it uses minimal templates and repetition which automatically turns many viewers off (yawn). Multimedia is definitely sexier.

> Multimedia usually has a well-thought out powerful script driving the presentation. Powerpoint can have this too, but most the powerpoints that people send me to review reveal lots of dead spots and overlong wordy scripts (more yawn) By contrast, a pro multimedia usually involves a pro scriptwriter, who will deliver pro results.

> Multimedia can have many different versions, for example you can have a voiceover “talking brochure” version, or a special market niche version. And everything is so easy as it can all run from a Main Menu. Multimedia comprehensively engages ALL your market areas.

Most of all, a multimedia production is centrally-led from within a company.

Because it’s centrally led, it’s well considered, and properly mapped out so that every area of sales presentation benefits from its use, whether from a new telesales lead, all the way up to a major account presentation for the biggest deal a company has ever done.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at all the options that a centrally-led multimedia production can have, and why this is infinitely superior to the powerpoint approach

Meanwhile, take a look a our gallery for the latest samples

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