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Q: We are a multinational company engaged in diversified business segments. Based in Indonesia, we are interested in the production of a corporate video in order to promote our products and services. Can you please advise with regards to the benefits of using video as well as the best way to produce a corporate video for a company such as ours?

Head of Marketing


A: A multinational company such as yourselves will understand the importance of communicating in a wide reaching way. A marketing video is one of the best ways of doing this.

Not only does it allow your company to be displayed via a portable and accessible medium, it gives it a professional signature that no company competing on an international level should be without.

Think of it as a calling card. If a potential client wants to know more about your company and what it offers, then a video provides it in a way that is both informative and digestible.

And it reduces the need for constant and numerous emails requesting and supplying the generic details of your business.


Video Production

The best way for any company to produce a corporate video is to do it as simply and as cost effectively as possible – which means making your search for a production company international.

There is great geographical distance between Indonesia and the UK – though this does not need to have a negative effect with regards to communications. The phone, Skype and the use of email makes these boundaries practically non-existent – and it cuts out the cost of meetings.

I personally like to have my scripts and storyboards approved by the client before I start a video production. No matter where my client is based, be it Indonesia or across the street, I use email to make this happen.

The actual production itself depends on the type of video you want.

The easiest – and more often than not most visually appealing – way of making a video is through an animation.

It does not require the use of live action shots and can be made with already existing video footage and images.

Graphics, titles, music and a professional voice over can compliment the visuals and help get your message across with a professional attitude and an inspiring feel.

This is not to say that live action is not an option – it very much is. Small and relatively cheap production companies are located all around the world.

And they have high quality equipment and produce high quality material.

It all depends what you are after.

Whatever production process you choose, embracing video will certainly prove to be beneficial to the growth of your company.

As long as it is done with the right people, a corporate video could be the best investment you have ever made.

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