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Q: Can you please send me information and prices about multimedia training.

Private Individual

A: We get asked questions about multimedia prices a lot, so I thought I'd publish it as a question here in the Q&A.

First thing to do is to estimate the size of your training programme as the size obviously has a lot of bearing on the price.

It also helps to work out how many interactive elements you might need, such as quizzes or games. Likewise for any special animation sequences you may require.

You also need to consider if you need voiceover, as voiceover artist costs need to be taken into the price-equation, as do voice editing costs.

To help you do this there's a webpage that explains how to put a specification together

Detailed information about multimedia training is found on this page and its associated pages

From here as a starting point you can see multimedia samples, look at the benefits of multimedia, see what other companies have done, and find out more about the skills and resources needed for a training multimedia production.

You'll also be able to find out more about the scope and capability of multimedia, such as including email links, providing a resources library for your users, adding pdfs, and weblinks to pages where further information can be found

If you need further detail on multimedia pricing then please write or call with specific details of your project and we'll be delighted to respond

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