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Multimedia presentations are making traditional slideshows look like relics.

Everyone has grown tired of the same old corporate Powerpoint presentations, yawn…

They are little more than memory aids to the presenter.

Your company may have some very capable presentation designers, or have even outsourced your Powerpoint presentation to a professional designer.

But inevitably, it will still look like a Powerpoint presentation.

And what’s worse, it will look homemade.

So why choose a multimedia production?

Flexibility – How to use your presentation

Your presentation could be a one off, such as a product launch at an annual conference.

But more likely you will want to adapt how you use your multimedia presentation.

You could use it as a company brochure or to open a sales pitch.

Customise your presentation by adding extra slides.

It enables you to include regional, product, industry or company specific information that could help convince your audience?

It lends credibility and relevancy – this impresses clients.

And of course you can add in your existing powerpoints, for when you need to go into more detail.

Flexibility – Touchpoints

It’s crucial your presentation is working hard for you in every arena.

Multimedia productions can become a crucial part of your marketing, sales or branding strategy.

Your presentation can be used to reach all your customer touchpoints.

Touchpoints are the situations where your customers will see you or your presentation e.g. your website, face-to-face sales, seminars, exhibitions, in your foyer, conferences, flash drives sent direct to customers etc.

Would you be happy to show your existing Powerpoint presentations in all these places?

A voiceover version would be suitable for Internet viewers.

An auto-loop silent version would be perfect for your foyer or exhibition stand.

A click-through variant would assist a live presenter during a pitch.

Make sure your presentation works hard for you!


When presenting to seasoned buyers you need to stand out from the crowd.

So what sets your presentation apart.

> Use a professional script writer

They know how to capture the audience’s imagination and how to sell a product or concept.

Multimedia presentations are driven by a well-thought out and powerful script, not an over-long and over-stuffed script.

After all you don’t want to bore busy clients, you want to tell them what remarkable things you can deliver right now!

This isn’t the same old Powerpoint slideshow, your creating an engaging and memorable presentation.

You can set your presentation to a stirring soundtrack or an assured voiceover artist.

Use professional imagary, combined with your own, to show you brand in the best light.

Moving captions and video will entertain the audience and keep them watching.

Motion graphics and animation will demonstrate statistics or charts – that would usually be extremely boring.

These factors all help visually engage the audience – so they’ll take notice of what you have to say – and remember your message.

Visually, it will blow Powerpoint away!

So don’t just churn out the same old presentation – add some multimedia magic!

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