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Q: We need a multimedia presentation that will be presented to investors about our company.

What do you advise?

Marketing Manager
Beauty Products Company

A: I’ll start here with three obvious, but crucially important points.

Firstly, you need to ensure that you unfold the sequence of your multimedia presentation so that everything follows on logically from what was said before. Your presentation must be childishly foolproof in this respect. Yet it’s a fact that all too frequently the sequence of events in a presentation sidetracks into minor issues, or issues that a shareholder/investor is not so interested in. You’d be amazed at how common this is. Often it’s difficult to avoid as someone senior insists adding a minor point – their pet hobby horse.

The way to ensure you get it right is to insist that everything you say in the presentation focuses on what you deliver to investors. This implies that information for its own sake, or information you’re proud of, or feel is noteworthy, is meaningless unless it’s presented in terms of what you’re going to deliver.

You have to be firm on this. If a point doesn’t “deliver” than it has no place in the presentation, and really belongs in some ancillary information resource, such as a pdf.

Examples of couching points in terms of what you deliver might be past performance figures, which can be presented as Our Delivery Track Record, or similar. Likewise future performance figures need to be couched as Income Delivery Schedule or something equally positive and deliverable.

You also have to consider that you won’t be believed. So you need to anticipate those points which are not immediately obvious and back them up with hard data, or research figures, or the track records of the directors.

For example, “Last year Jean Jones delivered 210% of target” Quick and to the point. And credible.

Focus on delivery, delivery and delivery, because that’s all that investors are concerned with.

To test this, devlop your presentation as a very simple powerpoint, say, plain black text on a white background.

Once you’ve got past this hurdle and have content that looks and feels bulletproof, you can turn to the visual side of the presentation.

Because you sell beauty products, your presentation obviously has to look beautiful.

The only way to be beautiful is to get a top class designer/animator to develop your multimedia presentation. Which is what we at Studio Rossiter do. We specialise in making things look beautiful.

Taking this further I would suggest that every presentation in any marketplace should look beautiful.

Styles can come and go, and one person’s ideas of what looks great might not be everybody else’s idea.

But Beauty cuts through this. Beauty has a universal appeal that never dates, and never tires.

So harness beauty. It’s subtle yet very powerful. And afterwards it leaves people feeling better for the experience.

The third part to this reply is to produce two versions of your multimedia presentation.

One version will operate from a laptop with slide by slide click-through operation, similar to powerpoint, but much better looking.

The other version should be voiced using a professional voiceover.

You can then send this cd version through the post to potential investors who can’t attend a presentation, but still need to be informed of the opportunities you offer.

In addition, a talking brochure style of cd presentation can be used by your Champions at potential investor companies, enabling them to show the multimedia presentation in a flawless manner to their other colleagues in the decision chain.

So that’s the initial response:

> Ensure your presentation message focuses on exactly what you deliver

> Be beautiful.

> Produce click-through and voiced versions so everybody gets to see your great opportunity.

Producing a multimedia presentation to investors is fundamentally no more difficult than any other presentation, but you can be sure it will be scrutinised very closely. So think carefully about everything you say, and make it look great – then make it talk!

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