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Q: I need a multimedia presentation because we are about to sign a new client who is interested in having a corporate digital presentation developed

I estimate the multimedia presentation should be of a standard length, in English, French and Arabic.

I’m not sure about images. I guess, I am not expecting them to be able to provide anything.

It’s an investment company based in Saudi Arabia, small-mid size.

Can you please give me ideas on how to approach/structure this?

Managing Director
Corporate services agency

A: If you want to produce a multimedia presentation for an investment company to show their English, French and Arabic-speaking Corporate clients then you can find a good presentation solution pack here with samles and creative ideas

The best presentation model comprises around 10 animated multimedia slides.

Experience has shown that 10 is the optimal number of slides/pages. It is neither too few to tell the business message, nor too many to bore the audience with excess detail.

Multimedia versions

You should also consider producing your multimedia presentation in four versions.

This might seem like a lot, but if you look at the different scenarios where you’ll need to play your presentation, you’ll see it makes sense.

Now in 2015 it seems more relevant then ever. Even when broadband wifi is implemented everywhere soon, presentations that a salesperson can play from a laptop will still be needed.

Here the the presentation version suggestions:

1: Talking version, which is ideal for first meetings, small or big screen. This multimedia will autoplay slides,and includes professional voiceover and audio.

2: Click-through version, which is more useful in later meetings when the client doesn’t need to see everything again, but will need to see a few of the 10 multimedia slides, plus show additional powerpoints detailing costs & implementation, and suchlike

3: Talking brochure, which is given to contacts (Champions) to show their decision-making superiors. This version of the multimedia presentation can be given out when clients request brochure information, ie, as a digital brochure

4: A web-streaming version for inclusion as video on the client website

You’ll also need your multimedia presentation to have some customisation features, such as facilities to:

  • Add client name, company, logo and date at the start of the presentation.
  • Show additional powerpoints, detailing deal-specific matters.
  • Interactivity when selecting the order of slide play sequence.

Creativity and Production

Creativity and a great script will be central to the multimedia presentation’s success.

So use a professional scriptwriter to develop your slide content. Don’t make the mistake of simply using your client’s existing powerpoint content.

Similarly, you’ll need a creative designer to develop the animation, artwork and graphics for the multimedia slides.

You’ll need the right tools, and there are a number of software packages and technology platforms available. A lot of people use Adobe’s Flash.

But I personally prefer Opus from Digital Workshop for presentations as it’s much more WYSIWYG and high productivity to work with, when dealing with animated objects and elements. It runs on Windows and won’t create output for a mobile phone, so Mac students may not find it so attractive..

Flash is relatively cumbersome system to operate for creating all but the shortest of presentations, and can unwittingly be a creativity killer. Nonetheless everyone has a free flash player. Other packages may be requiring a dedicated player that is not so common.

Suitable images can be sourced from an online image library such as Shutterstock, who have millions of high quality pictures to choose from. They charge a relatively high subscription fee, but you get what you pay for.

Foreign Language Versions

French and Arabic versions should be produced only after the English version is complete.

You need to work to a proven foreign language production method to ensure translation is accurate, and in the correct idiom. Client education is important here, as they often regard foreign version production as a trivial exercise. It’s not.

When recording foreign voiceover, you may want to invite your client to listen in to the Arabic and French recording sessions to ensure accurate speaking.

Even with your client in Saudi Arabia and you in Dubai, using Skype should enable you to listen in over the phone to voice recording sessions in the the UK.

Multimedia Presentation Summary

All of the above presentation versions (talking, click-through, brochure and web), combined with the flexibility to adapt the presentation should ensure that every client touch point is covered.

From website, to electronic brochure, to 1st client meeting, to supporting Champions, to final meeting, an effective multimedia presentation can be delivered.

And each version of the multimedia presentation needs to be produced in the audience’s language.

Click for information on International video

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