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Q: Our company would like to create a multimedia presentation to show potential investors. We want to show different aspects of our operations from field operations to corporate governance, ideally giving the potential investor a complete snapshot of our company, including our operations in Africa and South America.

We’d like them to view the presentation then logon to our website to register and buy shares.

The multimedia presentation must be very high quality, and I’m looking for ideas. We’ve considered using a presenter talking to camera to show the different areas of our organisation, but we want graphics and charts and text as well. We initially want to produce in English, with other languages (Spanish, Arabic etc) to follow.

What do you suggest?

Investor Relations Manager
Latin America

A: To produce a multimedia presentation that will be translated into other languages makes a presenter a relatively expensive choice. But creating a great impression is probably worth it.

Foreign language versions of any business multimedia or video production always cost more than people initially estimate.

Using a presenter will is the highest cost option. Here’s why.

English version

Presenters are relatively expensive individuals to hire. The top presenters cost upwards of thousands of pounds a day, though they are cheaper in 2010 than they were in 2008.

Once they are filmed and edited, and the multimedia presentation has been developed and produced by the designer-programmer, you may find you want to make small amendments to the presenter script. This immediately means hiring the presenter again (usually for a full day, as they don’t do half days) and incurring the associated costs until the work is complete.

This suggests you need to get your script firmly approved before filming, so as to avoid requiring a second presenter shoot.

View multimedia presentation samples here

Foreign language versions

There are two main choices for foreign language multimedia productions.

1: Use only captions and subtitles while the original English audio speaks

2: Dub the voice with a foreign voice.

Here are foreign language production hot tips and on related pages.

I wouldn’t recommend subtitles. They’re cheap, but audiences hate them (When was the last time you viewed a foreign film twice?)

Voiceover is the attractive option as it speaks in the audience’s language, which is what they want.

However with a presenter, it gets complicated, as it means a different foreign presenter needs to be hired to provide for each language version of your multimedia production.

The cost will obviously increase. Nothing is free.

Another solution which includes voiceover-only throughout your presentation as an alternativbe, is to forgo using a presenter.

This approach will reduce the cost of both your English productions and subsequent foreignspeak productions. It is recommended if cost is an issue.

In any event, effective productivity will be based on a proven method.

Multimedia Presentation Structure and Delivery

I’d recommend organising your presentation as a menu-driven multimedia, with rollover highlights and interactivity, with a professional voice speaking the different menu options as the mouse highlights them. And each screen should animate on, securing audience attention. The tools are there to do all this.

This approach is a cut above the average powerpoint or freeware production, and will make your share offering stand out, as each slide is viewed in succession.

If slides are developed as widescreen HD size, then they can be projected from a laptop.Similarly the presentation can be recorded as Camtasia video and streamed on any of your web sites.

Traditionally multimedia presentations have been delivered as a .exe application file on CD or DVD-r.

But I’d recommend a USB stick (some people know them as flash drives).

USB sticks can be printed and attractively branded in your corporate style.

People like receiving them.

And the multimedia can contain a link to your website so they can register to buy convertible preferred stocks (CPS) and other share options, or check latest values & bids, risk factors, get white papers downloaded, or make blog comments. You can also include email links so they can mail queries to you. The technology platform is there for all these things.

We prefer Digital Village software such as Opus Pro 7, but many devs use Adobe CS4

Summary of options

  • For a multimedia presentation intended for translation into other languages, and where budgets are tights, consider using part voiceover. It delivers a high standard of information, while costing less than a presenter.
  • Voiceover is a lot cheaper to amend if there are unforeseen problems (the chairman announces an unexpected change, which requires some last minute re-scripting?)
  • Use an interactive menu-driven navigation system with voice-over rollovers
  • Deliver on a usb stick for higher acceptability
  • Include links so viewers can go online to register

Multimedia presentations intended for investor relations or foreign language productions need expert production so shop around carefully.


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