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Q: I checked your website, it was great and good information about the video… we are planning to make multimedia cd… and web…. we are in saudi arabia..

please let me know we can work together….

please send your profiles and samples

Multimedia Manager
Advertising Agency
Saudi Arabia

A: It’s always good to receive enquiries from overseas.

Not that many UK companies are geared up for Middle East export, especially when it comes to creative services.

To answer the question, we don’t make a point of sending out profiles and samples for the simple reason that most of what anyone needs to know about us, from our team to our work to our range of products and services is pretty much available on our website, with lots of streaming examples in the different galleries.

Once we’ve received a brief we respond with ideas accompanied by specific examples of similar work we’ve done before.

Working on a project in Saudi will involve only 2 meetings, 3 at the most. The rest can be carried out via email and intranet. This is no different to working in any part of the UK.

Travel costs are additional to UK prices, but otherwise costs remain the same.

Contracts are backed up by UK Export Credit Guarantees.

My own feeling is that if a Saudi company is interested in penetrating the UK marketplace, then a UK company will make a better job of any multimedia marketing materials that may be required.

A UK based company will also have a more implicit knowledge of how to market to women, who represent a large proportion of today’s UK buyers

In addition, the UK has a reputation for style and flair which is not always found in the Middle East – or in many parts of Europe for that matter. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that the UK has so many Art & Design colleges.

There’s an exceptionally high standard of training for UK students, almost without parallel anywhere else in the world except maybe some parts of the USA.

Multimedia presentation galleries can be found here

Where required we can also translate Arabic or Farsi to English – UK and American. Multimedia from the UK for Saudi Arabia isn’t so far away! Please see our Internationl Video page for more details on foreign language versions and more

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