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Q: We’d like to have a website and a multimedia to present our buy-to-let property portfolio, which we sell to the public through our agents, at seminars, as well as to existing property purchasers. 2 or 3 times a year we bring a range of newly developed buy-to-let properties onto the market for sale to the public, so we need to update the portfolio as well as show case studies.

Sales Manager
Property Development Group

A: Your multimedia cd-rom needs to be built around a core presentation that explains your proposition.

But you also need the flexibility to launch additional pdfs during your presentation, which will show information on new properties or case studies or previously sold properties

Taking this approach of having a core presentation from which you can launch pdfs will look very professional.

It offers a number of benefits.

> A consistent repeatable credible message which property sales agents can easily deliver to potential customers. I suspect this will be a fairly new step for a property developer.

> A reduction in the demands on Sales Manager’s time spent supporting new agents, by providing them with better selling tools instead

> Maximum credibility for seminars and promotional events, creating more sales opportunities

> A cd-rom to help agents persuade more people to attend your seminars

The result will be faster turnover of property, which in turn will provide the revenue to develop future new property developments on-stream faster.

In a similar way the website can be designed to show your core proposition, with pages that you can add to show case studies or new properties added to your development portfolio.

The website would be structured as a sales presentation, rather than simply be an online brochure. This would make it more interactive and engaging to use.

With both the multimedia and the website you could include embedded audio, video or flash animation, or any other media at a later date.

The design of the website and the multimedia presentation would complement each other, and look impressive.

You can view samples here

While these samples aren’t property multimedia, they should help illustrate design ideas

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