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Every marketer wants to be considered modern and forward thinking. So here’s four ideas

1: Content Marketing

Providing useful and relevant content to customers and potential customers is integral to any modern marketing strategy.

Why push people into your brand when potential customers can do the work for you? But, for this to work effectively, you do need genuinely stimulating content.

Great content will get watched and shared: videos are one of the most shared post types by brands on Facebook.

Another thing to note is the introduction of video recently to both Twitter and to Instagram – it’s taking off and you need to be involved.

2: Mobile Marketing

All trends point towards increased use on mobile devices “Mobile devices will account for 25% of global internet traffic by 2014. (Source: HubSpot)

Video suits this trend perfectly as an engaging video is the ideal marketing tool for a short attention span.

Everyone is now talking about getting their website converted to be responsive and work on mobile devices and developing new mobile specific strategies, but don’t forget your video!

Already 17% of mobile marketing campaigns involve video content. (Source: Millennial Media) So you don’t want to be left out as this increases.

If your website video plays on a mobile device you will have an immediate advantage, as 10% of video streaming is conducted through a mobile device. (Source: Ooyala) – But not all video players will work on mobile devices right now, so check if yours will!

3: Reviews and Case Studies

Do you buy a product without checking out the user reviews? Not usually.

As online shopping & purchasing is increasing, you need to build a level of trust with the consumer.

How can you show them that you’re any good?

Now, on most major websites you will find written case studies, which are good, but have their limitations.

As we know most people don’t read text properly on websites – users may not read the whole piece, and miss some major statistics or info.

Having a friendly face talk about a product or service makes a huge difference as it is much more personal and engaging – enthusiasm catches quickly!

Going further, in depth case studies where a customer will talk at length about the process and the result are becoming increasingly popular as they really talk about the details and lets the potential customer really imagine working with you.

4: Global Marketing

More and more brands are becoming global as marketing becomes predominantly digital.

A video is a quick and easy way to show your superior products/services without needing expensive offices and sales staff in each country.

It’s the perfect champion when you don’t have a salesperson available on the ground. Another key benefit is once you have made a video, it’s easy to get it translated to any language in the world if needs be.

Summary: 4 things you can do

  • Use video to create better content
  • Make your videos work on mobile
  • Plan an in-depth case study video
  • Go global with a marketing video

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