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Q: We’re interested in a making a short 2/3 min video of our MD to place on the front page of our website. Although we’ve not finalised any ideas we are looking at a brief presentation from our MD.

Would you please be able to give me an idea of what’s involved in a video like this?

PA to MD
Venture Capital Investor
City of London

A: MD-to-Camera or CEO-to-Camera videos are excellent for streaming as flash .flv files on the home page of your website.

Your website visitors need to see a high credibility streaming video of your MD speaking flawlessly to camera, set against a corporately styled graphic background.

You need to be delivering a modern message against a modern background.

To achieve this what your shoot will need is:

> A Teleprompt so your CEO can read their script directly as he speaks. Teleprompt delivery is perfect, free of coughs, splutters, twitches, or memory lapses. This is the professional route used by all CEOs and VIPs video on camera.

> A Green Screen, so that the MD can be shot against green, then later keyed against a corporately styled graphic background, much as CNN uses today. Projecting the Chief Executive against a stylish background is infinitely preferable to the “MD & potted plant” of the Nineties.

> A 2 person crew of Director and Camera Operator, so that the whole delivery is flawless. A 1 person crew cannot successfully shoot an MD with any guarantee of certainty.

> Lighting so the Managing Director looks dynamic and professional

> A small tie microphone so sound is crisp & clear

> Post production, where the MD is cosmeticised in the Studio, eg, whiter teeth, less wrinkles, more youthful appearance.

The above simple rules will ensure your MD’s web video will look convincing and credible.

You can also generate a second version as a wmv video file for including in powerpoint or multimedia presentations.

The biggest mistake would be to try and do an in-house camcorder job to save money.

While this may work, you run the risk of:

> A less than fluent delivery, with small gaps or pauses, or perhaps an overall flatness

> Amateur YouTube looking footage with excessive shadows

> A poor background that says nothing about your company

> Poor sound quality, with boominess, or air conditioning noise

> Choppy looking editing.

> A poorly compressed video with consequent lower quality.

It looks so easy to shoot a video, yet it’s easy to get something wrong if you don’t have the experience. Why take a risk with the home page of your website.

MDs and CEOs to camera on your website are a great idea for getting across key company messages quickly on your website.

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