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8 routes to online marketing through our new b2b marketing services!

Outsourced Marketing Department¨

For organisations that value marketing but don’t have the time, resource or know how to do it themselves.¨¨

> why hire online marketing mgr or pretend you’re one when it’s as easy to outsource a whole department who’ll do everything.¨¨

> and maybe cheaper¨¨

> and dedicated professional whose job is to keep bang up to date¨¨

Marketing Strategies and Plans¨

Exploring your competition and target market, analysing marketing channels pulling it all together with a step by step plan to guide your marketing.¨¨

> you need the market data to win.

Either find it yourself, or hire someone to do it for you.¨¨

> without the data it’s all a guess¨¨

> neglect google analytics at your peril.

Know and understand your own data, and what it means. slap yourself with a cold wet fish if you don’t.

¨¨¨Marketing Consultancy¨

Our aim is to fill the marketing gap in your business by becoming your “pay-as-you-go,” full service, marketing department.

You may not need us all the time, but we are here for when you do and, as such, we believe that transparency in the way we finance our relationship with you is essential.

So, to put your mind at rest about the “how much do you charge” question, the initial ‘costs’ are absorbed by us as we invest time and resources in your business getting to know you, your companies’ personality, what you want to achieve, how you work and the sort of clients you work with.

This means that, when the time comes to physically working together and producing something tangible like a new website, new corporate identity or new business campaign, there is a mutually beneficially relationship in place.

¨Email Marketing¨

Developing and managing email marketing campaigns to generate new leads, turn prospects into customers and stay in touch and upsell to current customers.

Whether you’re launching your first email marketing campaign or seeking new ways to improve your existing strategy, our team provides a friendly, professional level of expertise and support.

We are focused on helping all our clients develop a successful email marketing strategy that delivers the right message to the right person at the right time.

We believe that email marketing is only truly effective with the right technology, approach and expertise. It’s not about volume and mass mailing, it’s about producing communications that are engaging and relevant to each audience

¨¨Brands and Branding

¨Developing a brand that conveys your customer promise and creating branding that illustrates this through logos, brandmarks and stationery.

A solid brand strategy encapsulates the personality of your company and provides a clear plan as to how you will transmit this personality to your customers and other stakeholders.

This includes your brand identity, brand expression and brand application. We have worked with lots of companies developing brand strategies that transform business.

Our approach to positioning brands for success has proved successful for new companies and those looking for brand revitalisation.

We’ve created powerful and cohesive brand strategies equipping our clients with the tools to stand out from the crowd.

¨Graphic Design

¨Whether for print or the web our graphic design covers websites, web banners, advertisements, brochures, flyers and presentational material.

The graphic design of your website, logo, business card and advertising are what people see when they look at your business.

First impressions are hard to change. We can help you stand out from the crowd using graphic design to strategically communicate your messages.

High quality graphic design and competitive prices mean we can support or become your marketing department.¨¨

Public Relations¨

Spreading your message and stories in magazines, newspapers and online and building your brand at the same time.

From brand building to product launches, Studio Rossiter understands business channels and how PR can be used to great effect to support clients’ commercial and corporate objectives.

Whether new to market or an established brand, we devise and implement impactful campaigns for clients of all sizes – drawing on our knowledge and experience of the consumer sector to add variety and creativity to our business-to-business programmes.

Direct Marketing and PURLs

¨Letters, flyers, brochures or perhaps something more innovative like PURL campaigns.

Our passion for detail ensures that every element of your direct mail campaign is as accurate as our leading edge technology and skilful, experienced people can make it.

We ensure you deliver the right offer, presented perfectly, to the right audience, at the right address – every time.

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