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Q: I belong to a trade association and we are contemplating a marketing and sales presentation to attract new members to the association.

We are hoping you could outline why being part of our group is advantageous to new members, specifically targeting the twenty to thirty age range.

It would require a show of five to six minutes, alongside a thirty second promotional viral video.

The marketing presentation could involve real-life footage or cartoon graphics, but with a preference for animation.

Whilst we want to convey an important message we want to do so with a light-hearted and amusing narrative. We’ll need a sales presentation that can be viewed from a disk, DVD or online but maybe also integrated into a presentation to a number of prospective members.

This is all about encouraging as many people as possible to join our association.

Marketing Manager

Trade Association London


A: In terms of selling and presenting your product or brand it is crucial to have flexibility in your sales pitch.

It is essential the association has a marketing presentation package that works no matter what the point of contact with the potential member is.

To resolve this I’d suggest a USB Drive (flash memory) based presentation alongside other media formats. Ypu can also include cd-rom, but this medium is becoming less common.

The marketing presentation would be made up from:

  • A brief teaser video to quickly grab the attention of the viewer.
  • A Multimedia Show, including animation.
  • With the possibility to run user stories based on area.

To further its flexibility, and use, in reaching potential members you can develop the presentation in different ways:

  • A voice-over automatic play form, in which a voice artist narrates the show.
  • A Click-through model, similar to a Powerpoint presentation, allowing someone to speak over the show, possibly expanding on the original voiced presentation.
  • A silent (no-voice) autoloop variant for non-stop playback, offering a quick precis at large corporate events or business association forums.

In each case, the slide information remains constant, you can tailor your marketing presentation to the audience or venue through the autoloop, narrated and silent adaptations.

The thirty second teaser, along with the slide-show should be streamed via your website, adding a further touch point with potential members.

And it could also be available in DVD/HD format, and mp4.

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What are the benefits of using this mixed media marketing presentation solution?

  • By applying a variety of methods (in terms of format and presentation style) you have the opportunity to attract a much wider range of potential members.
  • The use of animation combined with video will stimulate and engage your audience, all of which promotes interest in new members.
  • This approach will have particular relevance and appeal to the age range you are looking to attract and almost certainly stand out compared to other marketing presentations and competitors.

If successfully applied, these methods can make your sales and marketing presentation more captivating and sexier, boosting membership uptake and your profile.

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