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Q: We’re looking to update our corporate video, but are also considering other media to support our bid package when tendering to local authorities and leisure sector groups. What do you suggest?

Managing Director
Managed Services Provider

A: Corporate video can be limited in its application as part of a bid support package.

If you look at the whole of your requirement you probably need:

> A corporate video for a short scope and capability introduction

> A multimedia to give support during high value contract presentations

> Multimedia to hold all your tender documentation, such as specs and prices in an easy-to- use and orderly index.

Can we look at how all of these can integrate together to form a comprehensive bid support package?

Corporate video
A short corporate video of 2 to 3 mins max can quickly highlight your scope and capability.

It can be included as part of your multimedia tender edocumentation. This will ensure that every buyer has the opportunity to discover what an exciting, successful and effective company you are to do business with.

Useful video production information can be found here

Multimedia Presentation
Since you respond to public tenders (rather than send out a rep on every street corner), you usually only get one opportunity to make a presentation of your tender.

Most companies use powerpoint to do this, which is relatively dull stuff.

By using an animated graphic multimedia presentation, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Multimedia is flexible so you could be sure of delivering the precise amount of info required for an effective presentation.

You could also include your corporate video at the beginning of the multimedia to ensure your buyer audience were all quickly brought up to speed as to your scope and capability

Here is an online multimedia gallery where you can view different styles of presentation

Tender Documentation Multimedia

Many local authorities and awarders of high value contract specify some form of e-documentation.

You could offer them a complete multimedia cd library containing all the relevant pdfs neatly indexed for easy access. Plus you could add a search facility, and the option to play your corporate video.

It would look and feel impressive while being very easy for buyers and specifiers to use, especially when compared to an Explorer list of pdfs that many of your competitors may well be offering.

The above solution offers a complete solution to the problems of tendering and bidding for business, where you only get one shot at making a presentation, and are asked to include edocumentation.

Over and above that, it’s flexible so it can be tailored to any tender. And it’ll look impressive and set you out from the crowd, adding to the credibility of your claims, and making your business proposition easier to understand.

As a managed services provider you’ll already know you’re facing stiffer competition every year in this fast growing sector. It will pay you to harness the power of IT and digital media to develop a complete multimedia video bid support package.

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