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You only build it once. So now is the time to get this priceless piece of portfolio filmed as a permanent testimonial to your construction company’s prowess and imagination.

But exactly how do you organise a video film project out of your latest design & build job?

Here’s how

Get organised

Nothing happens without some logical organisation.

Video is best divided into:

> groundworks stage

> work in progress stage

> launch or handover stage

At each stage you’ll have different tasks to do.

Groundworks stage

This where you’re looking at the nearly empty site, one that’ll soon be flooded with contractors. But today it’s nearly empty.

Why not start by installing a few webcam units

– capable of taking 2 months worth of time lapse video.

This footage will show the scale of the project from inception to delivery.

It can look quite magic.

Webcams only cost a few hundred each. So buy some.

Work in progress stage

By this stage there’ll be something to see like steelwork going up

– but probably not the interiors yet.

Now’s the time to plan who you want to interview on camera.

Hearing the people involved describe what the project’s about, and what went into building is an interesting story.

For example, there may have been over 1,000 deliveries, with hundreds of contractors onsite, occupying 3 hectares, and so on.

So draw up a list interviewees, and decide what each could talk about on camera.

Tip: Get each interviewee to make just one point.

Lots of people making lots of small points, that add up to a big story, is the best way.

By contrast, having 1 or 2 key directors make long speeches is a turn-off.

Get a soundbite from every key player in the project.

This includes:

> Project director

> Site manager

> The client. In fact as many people on the client side as you can get.

> The people who arranged the finance

> Your own C Level people who can say where & how the project fits into the overall company plan.


Launch or handover stage

This is where you can film the completed structure, whether it’s an iconic building, or a brownfield redevelopment, a plush suite of dwellings, a big civils job (road or rail), or prefabricated school.

On the Launch Day there will be more VIPs to interview.

For example:

> local councillors or the Mayor

> community leaders

> the press

> various dignitaries

> lots of your directors and managers, as well as subcontractor directors.

Ask each of them about the project, from their perspective.

As before, you need just one good soundbite each.

Here’s a construction video showreel to give you ideas.

Additional filming

You’ll also need to film the completed building, installation or structure.

You can reckon on needing 3-6 shots of wip or completed building per interviewee.

With 6 shots per interviewee, you’ll have enough material to produce an interesting video that future clients will watch with interest.

Tip: You can hire a flyover drone, a quadricopter or similar if you want.

Aerial views of your completed project will always impress with their scope & scale.

Tip: You can use architect’s drawings to enrich the visuals.


Plan ahead.

Use webcam time lapse

Have lots of interviewees – but only one soundbite each

Invite lots of dignitaries to the handover ceremony.

Consider a fly over drone aerial footage.

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