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Q: I require a 5 minute multimedia presentation for our salesforce as well as a multimedia talking brochure that can be shown to our customers.

The presentation ought to use audio, voiceover, video, still images and script.

Also: Can I do this with Powerpoint for free and reduce costs?

We have listed some initial thoughts.

Chief Executive Officer
Drive Hire Company

A: From the perspective of a multimedia presentation, the objective is clear:

  • To enhance the company in terms of growth and market share, you require more customers.

A company presentation is the ideal way achieve this.

While a multimedia presentation can be problematic, experts like Studio Rossiter (us!) are here to provide solutions, from concept right through to application tools.

This includes existing presentations that companies use, whether multimedia or powerpoint, which may be inconsistent, or have too local a feel.

Sales staff will tend to tailor the presentation too much to their own personality, style, or habits, possibly creating problems of uniformity.

There could be a danger of misinterpreting the needs of the consumer, or not projecting the brand in the appropriate way, even when delivering a high quality multimedia presentation that broadly succeeds in promoting the firm. It’s easy to make a mistake.

These are common sales problems, that can harm company growth.

But it’s nothing that can’t be tackled with a little initiative and insight (and probably money!)

A new custom-built multimedia presentation complete with interactivity (as our Chief Executive realises) is the most concise way to solve these difficulties.

The presentation can be created in two ways;

A Powerpoint business presentation could be used, either developed within the company, or by outsourcing a designer to carry it out on your behalf.

This would provide you a consistent multimedia message from your company direct to all your potential customers.

Many firms will already have done this through unofficial presentations and slides from their own marketing and sales personnel.

Outsourced Powerpoint presentations can add some flair to the aesthetic, while keeping company control over input into content.

Alternatively you can opt for a full multimedia presentation, which will run on a standard computer or laptop system.

Hopefully I can outline and define a multimedia presentation, and highlight the differences from a conventional Powerpoint presentation:

  • A multimedia presentation visually engages the viewer. It offers minimal use of templates and repetition, which can stupefy your audience. Multimedia has much more impact. It holds the attention.
  • Most multimedia presentations are driven by a well-thought out and powerful script. Powerpoint may also have a quality script, but there is a temptation towards overlong, wordy scripts – or including non-essential information, or banal computer effects. Professional multimedia presentations always use professional scriptwriters. They know how to capture the audience’s imagination.
  • Multimedia presentations can also be easily adapted to your own needs. With a voiceover you can create a “voiced brochure” version, or a special version developed for your market niches. And everything is so easy as it can all run from a Main Menu. Multimedia presentations comprehensively engage the full spectrum of your marketplace. The technology is already there.

Most of all, an interactive multimedia production usually emanates from near the top within the company.

This top-down approach is well considered so that every area of sales and branding benefits from its use, from the latest sales lead, all the way up to a major account presentation for the largest clients.

This control ensures that the presentation promotes the projected image of the company and is in keeping with strategic vision of its directors, from 2011 and beyond!

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