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Q: We are in the process of submitting a funding application for an interactive multimedia DVD project on drug awareness for the community. This production will include information, statistics, brief interviews, discussion clips, comments, remarks etc. The overall format will be suitable for kids 11-19yrs and their parents

The duration of the play should be between 30 – 60 minutes. We will appreciate some price guide which will enable us complete out application and if successful we will then be in a position to take this forward with you.

Project Director
Community & Drug Awareness Group
East London

A: An interactive DVD production on promoting drug awareness in the community is a big project, so perhaps the best place to start is by defining objectives in the clearest possible terms.

Here’s a stab:

> To ensure adequate levels of awareness of different types of drug problems and solutions among young people, their parents and their school teachers

> To deliver practical knowledge and techniques for dealing with drug related problems for children, parents and teachers.

> To develop a comprehensive interactive video package to achieve the above

Having defined our objectives, we can see a solution starting to take shape.

An interactive video approach, both as web and DVD, is recommended – not just DVD alone.

This will be delivered three ways

> To children in class as a group. This will include interactive class quizzes, discussion promoters, plus lesson plans and supplementary materials for teachers. It will be designed to be stimulating, provocative and discussion-promoting.

> To children at home with parents. This will include some similar material to the classroom based DVD, with the addition of parent/child related discussion promotion and advice. It will encourage parents and children to discuss and find out how they can align and assist each other.

> To children or anyone on the web. This will repackage the DVD video material and discussion materials as online interactive video, quizzes and information. This will be a separate website that can be easily integrated into other web sites through hyperlinks. It will have the capability to go viral if enough people like it.

There’s additional useful detail on interactive DVD production here

Suggested Content

While there’s a core of 15-20 mins of video that goes directly to the heart of tackling drug awareness and problems, I’d suggest it needs dividing into 3 or 4 short sections, with each followed by a short interactive session presented as onscreen multiple choice options.

This will ensure the children don’t get bored.

The DVD should have menu driven options with, say, Teacher/Classroom. Parent/Child, Solo Child and Solo Parent as example menu options.

For each option, some of the material will be original and some will be shared. For example, an interview with a young girl ex-addict can be seen by all, while an interview with a parent whose child is improving will be seen as part of the Parent/Child and Solo Parent options.

This ensures flexibility to meet all different audience needs.

Additional content will include video interviews with counsellors, doctors, community leaders and others.

While it is envisaged that your own drug awareness and community group will first adopt the interactive DVD awareness programme, the DVD could be authored so that it could be fairly quickly and cheaply re-badged and customised to any local authority or interested group in the UK.

This will extend its usefulness beyond your East London community.


The production in the scale we’ve been discussing will require at least:

> 3 days video shoot
> Detailed scripting and planning
> Extensive interactive DVD authoring
> Voiceover for interactive elements
> Graphic design
> Animated captions
> Website design, production and programming in Microsoft .net
> Website hosting
> Conversion of DVD to flash video
> Supplementary materials, eg pdfs, docs, email links etc
> DVD duplication

Ballpark Quotation

For budgetary purposes, I’d recommend you allow £25,000 as this is a big production that will 3-5 months to complete

I hope this helps scope out your project. Interactive DVD production is great new way to tackle and old problem.

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