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Q: We need a presentation services provider who can produce a professional piece of corporate communications to explain our Leadership Development programme as an organisation and a brand, providing insight into what we offer.

Our clients are Senior Executives looking to expand their leadership ability.

We need to more effectively communicate the benefits of going through our Leadership Development process.

This includes demonstrating our core values and succinctly conveying what is different about our Leadership Development approach and methodology.

The presentation must be capable of being both projected onto a large screen for
presentation to groups of up to 20 people and viewed on a laptop, presented one-on-one.

It is to be viewable by clients remotely ‘online’ although it will not currently be viewable
on our public website. It will be used in Webinars and so must be compatible with
that usage.

It must be able to be driven by the Client without a presenter present. It is possible that it
will be e-mailed to people in advance of a later follow-up phone call.

The presentation needs to be self-contained so that it can run without human intervention
and convey the overall narrative.

At the same time, it needs to permit a live presenter to supplement the presentation content themselves in a live situation.

At the end of the presentation, we want the viewer to feel excited and energized by the potential benefits from this offering and see the potential applications of it within their organization.

We would prefer to secure the services of one company to provide all elements of the

Project manager
International Leadership Development Services Group

A: It used to be that a requirement for digital presentation services like yours was relatively rare. But today it is becoming a commonplace business activity as multimedia prices go down and quality goes up.

Most of what you require can probably be bought as a package.

Typical presentation package offerings might include:

> A 15 slide presentation as both click-through and talking brochure versions, perhaps with a 3 slide cd business card

> A day video shoot and edit for testimonial clips to include in your presentation.

> A 60 second “instant credibility” DVD for conveying an immediate message.

To help you scope this out further, here are examples of the kind of presentation services we offer

A key feature you need to be looking for is Flexibility.

Your presentation needs to be designed so it can be quickly and easily adapted by users to meet different circumstances, such as:

> 1 to 1 chats with laptop

> Big screen “beauty parade” presentations (major account presentations)

> Seminars & Conferences

> Web viewing, such as the webinars you mention.

Within these contexts, your presentation materials need to be flexible enough to be adapted further still.

For example, in one client situation you may need to show a special case study and overview of research material, while another client needs to see an implementation plan, and so on.

In effect, you need a multimedia presentation that can function as a launch pad for a variety of support materials, inc, video, doc, xls, ppt etc

And your presentation package needs to come with mature features such as comprehensive navigation, fast loading and ease of use.

I feel comfortable recommending the above approach as I’ve been producing multimedia video for 20 years (and winning 10 major awards for this), while being fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to learn to become a specialist in high level corporate presentations in the process.

My basic understanding is that you (or any customer) needs a presentation designed to win millions of dollars or pounds, whether through influencing government policy, winning a new major accounts, or persuading clients right out of the web page.

The level of presentation service you’ll need will include; research, scripting, creativity, artwork, animation, programming, video shoot and edit, right through to delivery on disk, stream, flash stick, or DVD.

Typically you can allow 8-12 weeks from commencement to delivery of a complete package of digital presentation materials.

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