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Your web video is never just made for you or your company.

It’s also made for your audience. In fact, it’s especially made for your audience.

And for the obvious reason – your audience is your customer.

I’m sure your market research team has identified an ideal client base for your product or service.

They will be of a certain demographic, for example, based on age, sex, location , or lifestyle, to name a few.

The point is – not matter how good your product or service is – it’s unlikely to have total universal appeal.

You have to compromise on what social group you spend your marketing budget on.

And you have to compromise on who you make your web video for.

Selling to the right crowd

Are you marketing to a younger, IT literate audience?

In that case, why not make your web video viewable on a mobile device?

By that I mean make every image stand out, so what you want to show can be viewed on a small screen.

And make it short – mobile video viewers are limited for time.

So you’re has to be quick, easy to understand and catchy. There’s no need to go into too much detail.

Sell, don’t tell.

Telling to the right crowd

On the other hand, you may be selling to a fellow business person.

And they want information.

In this instance, you need to tell – not sell.

So information is key. The last thing these people want is a fast paced promo full of gimmicks.

They’ve seen it all before – and they’re not impressed.

They want facts, such as:

> Your company’s USPs (Unique Selling Points)

What can you offer that nobody else can?

> Proof of claim

Can you do what you say you can do? Of course you can – so put it in the video.

> And just about everything else!

You need something that’s long enough to convey your company identity, but not so long that it ends up being boring.

Need more information?

Then click here to find a web video that can be made specifically for your audience.

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