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Too many of our marketing manager and business owner friends are struggling when it comes to inserting videos on their website.

They’re finding that it’s increasingly harder “to find a good place for a video to go”

– and that their online videos are starting to look an untidy mess

– with an assortment of icons and links that fit no overall pattern

– let alone salute your brand.

It seems in the race for upgrading to a responsive website, ie, a website that works for desktop, tablets & phones,

– that video is becoming neglected from a web design perspective.

Does this include you and your company website?

What a video needs in order to win

Consider that your last video represents a considerable investment of time & money.

And now it’s positioned halfway down the page with a brand-unfriendly looking icon or link.

Not good is it? Yet this situation is common.

Like any competing web item

– a video needs prominence to be seen.

Which means planning the webspace for your video.

My own opinion is that your video should be as big a banner as you manage.

I say this knowledgeably as everybody loves bigger viewing screens

– the same as you and the new 60″ TV in your lounge.

The bigger the better.

So what do I need to do to get it right

Your video needs to be:

> seen immediately by every visitor to the webpage

> it’s purpose be obvious, clear and relevant – as apart from “our corporate video here”

> offer a great viewing experience for the customer

If you can’t facilitate the above, then why bother producing an underperformer in the first place.

IT don’t help

Many companies now outsource their IT departments to technology companies with complex sets of rules for doing anything:

> different to their concept of what a website deliverable is (text & pictures)

> different to their previously agreed site maintenance budget.

Often your request for a large scale video banner at the top of the page will die a death before you even get started.

Also, your video needs to be streamed from a video server

– not the company server, which will have problems when too many people try to view at the same time.

Vimeo, youtube, Wistia all offer video streaming services

– perfectly suitable for any shade of corporate video.

What is a Video-Ready site

This is really simple.

A video-ready website is simply a website that allows you to insert your new video

– anywhere, anytime

– with a corresponding banner

– in small, medium or large size.

– and possibly and explanatory sub-caption or hook.

And you should be able to do all this yourself

– without recourse to IT.

There are more complex definitions for a video-ready site

– but for most of what I see with corporate clients

– the above standard has still to be reached.

Meanwhile, you’re losing sales because of a poorly positioned video.

Take a look at pages on our site to see how we’ve solved the problems of space & prominence for video.

Home page

Marketing video page

Multi video page



Sorry if this blog is more downbeat than my usual good cheer

– but so many videos are underachieving because their positioning is poor.

It’s like you’ve just built Times Square or Piccadilly Circus

– and now want to hide it deep in the forest.

Use your influence & budget to get a Video Ready Website higher on your company agenda.

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