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We should all be grateful! Junk mail is a thing of the past!

There is just one problem.

It has been replaced with ‘spam’.

Why web marketing has replaced traditional print marketing

The reasons are obvious:

> Web marketing is cheap

Especially when compared to print marketing.

Web marketing does not require paper or ink. Nor does it require postal or delivery charges.

Once your promotional material has been designed, the only cost you have is your monthly data fee – something you would pay to surf the web anyway.

> Its easier to find a selected consumer base – and its easier for condumers to find you

Social media sites such as Facebook allow you to locate individual consumers based on the info they have entered, thus allowing your marketing campaign to be more precise.

And then there’s the almighty Google. Get your site properly optimised and all you need is someone to ‘look something up’.

> Web based multimedia looks better than a printed image

The consumer base of 2012 want to be shown the lush visual flare that paper simply can not provide.

Platforms such as interactive presentations/brochures and web video will enable you to promote your product or service in a more detailed and visually attractive way.

A potential customer/client not only wants to be but expects to be impressed with your marketing.

Web marketing = pull marketing

What do I mean by ‘pull marketing’?

This is when your marketing strategy makes sure the buyer finds you instead of you finding them.

Traditional print marketing would require a mass campaign of flyers and brochures being put through everybody’s doors in the hope that one of them would require your product and/or service.

This is called push marketing, as you are pushing your business onto people.

Bit of an aggressive tactic. Being too annoying can prove to be isolating.

But, at the end of the day, the customer knows what they want.

And – sorry to be blunt – most of them don’t want you; no matter how good your product or service is.

A few do of course, but they hardly justify the amount you spent on your printing and delivery campaign.

As I said, the customer knows what they want. And in 2012, the customer will find what they want.

By using the web. This is the reality of the modern business world.

Your company on demand

Christmas after Christmas, year after year – and despite the recent global economic downturn – the web based online retail sector has grown.

The modern consumer is very comfortable with buying things over the internet.

These days, your marketing strategy must involve getting people to your website and keeping them there.

You keep them there by making them like what you have to offer.

So there is double the benefit. If they are staying they like what you are offering – if they like what you are offering they are probably going to buy.

The key is portraying your product or service in a way that makes it appealing.

Interactive media – and how it has killed print marketing

A video or an interactive presentation will make what you have to offer more attractive than it already is.

Its amazing how good sound and visuals can draw an audience to your product.

Plus, you are not limited to a single page. You can present what you want to present and there are virtually no limitations in how you do this.

And you know the viewer is interested. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t have found your product in the first place.

Print marketing simply has no place in the digital age. It is dead.

Web marketing lives.

We welcome your views on the subject!


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