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Q: We’re considering using web video to communicate our products and services.

I believe that we, as a B2B business, could benefit greatly from ‘product demo’ videos from a suitable web video production company.

We are a data provider for the betting and media industry. providing services for the bookmaker world and international Media.

We’d like to show how our products work, their key benefits and value added, and what they can add, and have added to our clients businesses.

A web video is a simpler, cleaner and more engaging tool than any e-mail, brochure or WebEx and with this in mind I’d very much welcome hearing your thoughts.

Director – Sales & Business Development
International Data Group

A: Recently we’ve seen the price of web videos drop, compared to years 2008 and 2007, and this makes multiple web videos a more affordable option, and often a better solution.

Having studied your website, I’d suggest considering recommend 2 web videos, a website refresh, and localising into multiple foreign languages.

30 second Video Ad

A 30 second Video Ad is a short, low-cost web video designed to catch the attention and quickly spell out your proposition, enabling prospects to almost immediately grasp what you offer and its importance to them.

For those clients who don’t like reading web pages and prefer video, this is ideal. Click – view!

More than this I find, time and time again, users writing to me telling me how their bounce rate is so high, as if people just didn’t “get it” as to what they were offering, no matter how simple the basic premise.

Marketers are learning that a Video Ad web video is designed to correct this specific problem. When the video ad was first launched in 2006 it was a non-starter – too early for the market. But not recently.

You could also play it to introduce all laptop presentations, as well as feature on your website.

Because it’s short and to the point, you could send links to your video ad through email, or have clients play it during sales calls on a laptop or personal computer, as a web video file converted to a Microsoft Windows Media Player wmv, or using an flv player, as well as have it played on your home page/landing pages. There are so many ways to share a movie. But you need 2 versions minimum.

It will enable your core message to be delivered quickly and effectively, ie, stream not download, and short and to the point. I don’t recommend streaming to your site from youtube even though it’s free. Publish and upload to your own server, or rent cheaply.

This will solve part of your problem. And it could be ready in weeks, not months.

2 minute Voiceover Marketing Video

Your second video program needs to be a high quality message, designed to spell out more of the details of your offering, your product demonstration, allowing a prospect to make an informed judgement.

Again you can play it in from your website and your laptop.

I’d recommend keeping to 2 minutes runtime (about 200 words) with voiceover audio, as as online viewers generally won’t watch for longer.

As well as a day’s HD filming, a good web marketing video specification also needs to include music, graphics, effects and animated captions, as these are essential to delivering your data services message.

This web video is obviously created to persuade people to buy.

Website Refresh

Your current website was developed by someone with little real knowledge of online marketing.

It’s a un-original corporate brochure, and not designed to support a successful web video campaign.

I’d suggest it isn’t really a customer-facing sales website (please dont be offended by my candour)

Your website needs developing with the following features:

> It spells out feature-benefits – millimeter sharp

> It backs up claims, offering proof.

> It shows testimonials to further support your claims

> It delivers clear business propositions the visitor can act on.

> It can be updated by anyone from any pc or laptop anywhere.

ie site developement to sell your products.

I would advise you consider this as well as the web video recommendations I’ve outlined above, as they all mutually support each other.

Please note this update doesn’t mean you need a blog, or encourage visitor to comment or post etc. We’re not talking about a web 2 technology systems breakthrough or a social media tv network here. What you need is fairly easy.

You might also consider:

> appointing a new web developer

> software to measure web video plays

> the possibility of web tutorials or training clips in the future.

These days I always use web metrics to measure my video plays and clicks as hard information is the only basis for marketing decisions. So consider these tools as required too.

Foreign Language Web Video Production

Being a multinational you may want to consider producing multi-language web videos.

Your web videos could be localised to German, Norse, Czech, Estonian, Swedish and any language you wish, enabling you to deliver an international web video marketing solution.

I’d recommend using voiceover rather than dubbing captions, as no one will watch a subtitled video online.

Web Video Solution Summary

As we can see, one web video, although it may work to a point, isn’t really the internet video marketing solution you’re looking for.

You need really a package, with included:

> A short 30 second web video, a video ad

> A 2 minute voiceover marketing web video

> Translation into relevant languages

> A website refresh to support your web video marketing strategy/plan

A comprehensive web video solution, even if phased over a period because of cost constraints, will be more effective than a hasty web video production to demonstrate a product.

© Studio Rossiter 2009

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