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Q: We hold conferences and seminars as well as run training courses. We need a high quality presentation that we can use at all these prestigious venues. I’ve seen a lot of presentation sites and most of them aren’t good enough for what we want. What can you advise?

International Trade Association

A: You’re looking for a highly polished multimedia presentation that will make your trade association look more credible and make more impact with your international trade audiences?

Here is a shopping list of multimedia features you should look for:

> A core of 15 high impact animated slides

> A prestigious Welcome screen customisable to each audience

> A Click-through version so an expert presenter can talk over the slides as they click

> A Spoken autoplay version with professional voiceover, allowing a consistent and credible script to be delivered on demand by a non-expert presenter

> All 15 core slides to be original high quality artwork, in your corporate style. No repetitive templates should be used as audiences quickly spot this and yawn accordingly.

> All 15 core slides to be animated and illustrated in a sophisticated style to bring out the meaning of the text

> Quality music where appropriate

> A user-friendly presentation with full navigation, and playable on any modern PC or laptop

> Additional slides which may be included and customised by you to meet the needs of different presentations, eg meeting a trade delegation in Madrid, or delivering a course in Kazakhstan, etc

> Sections of the Talking version can also be streamed from the website if rqd

This specification will deliver a world class multimedia presentation:

> Reflecting your trade association’s status

> That is suitable for conference, web or classroom

> And flexible enough to adapt to different circumstances

To achieve this presentation spec you’ll need a end-to-end concept-to-delivery service.

This is well described here

I’d realistically allow 8-12 weeks from start to finish.

As an international trade association, you need a presentation that reflects your status, representing the interests of members worldwide.

The above multimedia presentation spec will deliver this for you.

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