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Q: We need to produce a 2-3 minute corporate DVD overview of our three key business areas of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing, Bioscience, and Chemical Production, emphasising our passion, innovation and entrepreneurship, history, and focus on the life sciences.

Marketing Communications Manager
International Pharmaceutical Group

A: To produce a very powerful 2-3 min corporate DVD for a pharmaceutical audience I would recommend using the following elements to deliver your messages:

> Music

> Images

> Text

> Post Production

Enlarging on this for you:


More than any other medium, music will convey the passion and excellence you wish to communicate. Music moves hearts and minds.

To achieve this, we recommend you consider commissioning an original piece of music. It’s not expensive and it really works. Here’s how.

You can find an off-the-shelf music track that has a good theme, but as a piece you’ll find that it doesn’t evolve, it doesn’t go anywhere.

So after 30 seconds it simply starts to repeat itself.

By contrast, a custom written music track will take the audience on an emotional journey for the full 2-3 minutes of your DVD, a tour de force that will give great heart to the production.

For example it can start on a whisper and end on a towering thunderclap – or whatever else you wish to achieve.

Custom music will give you control of the emotional reins of your DVD.

It will put you in the emotional driving seat, and make the audience like you. Skilled DVD production can do this.

DVD production information here


To visually market your story, you can start by combining all the existing visual materials you already have. This may be video footage or stills. My experience of pharma companies is that they usually have large existing stocks of corporate video footage, which can easily be recycled into producing a new DVD.

If you need additional video footage, you can of course arrange for it to be filmed.

Sequencing these images to the music to tell your marketing message is the next step in your production.

Creatively this has to be done by trying to develop a sense of evolution, of unfolding, of more things to come.

Thinking this way – with visual thrust – about your DVD production is what will keep your corporate audience anticipating.


The news is that stylishly animated captions and text form a major part of any corporate dvd production today.

Text will highlight your key messages such as life science focus, biotransformation, cell therapy, chemical synthesis, biotechnology solutions, track record for innovation, passion etc.

Using text to tell the DVD story also precludes the need for voiceover.

This then allows your stirring music track room to breathe, to underpin your very visual message – without a paid voice getting in the way.

Text also gives a thematic unity and integrity to the whole production, a level of professionalism to what might otherwise look like a disparate sequence of images.

Post Production

This is all the clever studio stuff, the back-end of a corporate dvd production.

It goes beyond editing to include graphics, animation, colourising pictures, adding pic-in-pic effects, tracking image against image, time remapping, cropping to produce effects such as

> A company growth & milestones timeline

> Shimmering pastiche sequence of bioscience research from recycled video footage

> Showing the global impact of your chemical products, or bioscience processes

But all this is more than effects for effects sake.

Post production is about using all the tools of television to “gift wrap” your DVD production into a unified coherent sequence that makes visual sense to your corporate audience.


Using music at the core of your corporate dvd production will give it real heart, and reduce the need for gimmicks to win the interest of your pharmaceutical audience.

You can recycle existing video footage to tell your story visually

Text and animated captions will drive the story along, giving it shape and sense, and delivering key messages

Post production will gift wrap it as a unified DVD package, as well as add colour and style and graphics.

Corporate dvd production has travelled a long way from the point-and-shoot pharma video of 10 years ago.

© Studio Rossiter 2007

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