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Any organisation with an international market, or any operation that aspires to reach an international market, already understands that the delivery of their business message is central to their commercial program.

In 2012, video is a major element in that communication package.

When producing video, companies have traditionally selected a video production company that is located near their corporate headquarters.

But today – the book of international video production is being rewritten.

Making corporate video is possible almost anywhere.

And the question has now become:

“Which video production company do I choose?”

To answer this question, you need to consider what sort of videos you may need.

What sort of videos do international companies need?

Typically, global organisations need video to:

> Explain the common set of standards and values across the business.

In turn this enables, the whole workforce to understand what the business does, its process of making profit, and where they fit in the big picture.

> Generate a greater sense of belonging to a larger group, rather than attachment to a local operation or plant.

> Communicate all their business and sales messages to customers – potentially anywhere in the world.

The list is near endless.

So how do you pick a video company?

Obviously, it’s important to know and understand the company you plan to use.

The sort of questions you might ask are:

> Does the company have an international track record?

> Do they have experience in localising video content to a foreign language ( we call this ‘foreignspeak’)

> Can the company provide physical proof of their track record?

> Is their work of a sufficiently high quality?

Back in 1992, the immediate question would have been: Where’s the production company located? Are they near our HQ?

But with development of telecommunications technology and the web, this question is less frequently asked.

How the Internet has changed the way we do business forever!

In the pre-internet world, face-to-face meetings were essential, especially during the pre-production and planning process of a project.

These days, the same type of interaction can be done via Skype or similar web-cam based applications, with supporting documents supplied via email.

So, for the majority of meeting situations, physical face-to-face interaction is not needed.

At a stroke, boundaries and distances have been eliminated.

This means you can pick the best video production team for the job and not be limited to one that is local or based in a capital city.

This saves money and time, as do new techniques that can be found in modern day film making.

The highest quality production for the lowest possible price

Like the telecommunications industry, the media industry has benefited immensely from improvements in technology.

Recording equipment is not just cheaper, lighter and more portable, but of a much better quality than could have been thought of ten years ago.

This opens the possibility of getting a cost effective yet highly professional crew that can be located anywhere from five miles to five thousand miles away.

This means you can get material from any location in the world.

Also, a wider range of choice in crew means you can find one that has the flare to visually interpret your message yet is at your budget. Far better than spending extra money on that capital city one you were looking at.

And post-production

It is often the quality of the post-production of a film, that being the editing, additional dialogue, animation, music etc, that makes it stand out from the rest.

The post-production process has never been dependant on location. All a post-production designer needs to deliver excellence is their own skills and equipment, equipment that is coming down in price day by day.

As long as they have this, then location is not important.

They could be based anywhere, from an expensive capital city studio to a cupboard in Cricklewood.

There is no need for you to travel wither, as your input to this process can be done remotely. Video proofs and drafts can easily streamed at a moments notice, meaning it is not necessary for you to physically be there with the editor.

International corporate video production is really easy

As has just been explained, digital communications has smashed barriers of distance in every stage of the video production process.

This allows you to pick the corporate video production company that you feel is best at delivering the subtleties and complexities of your message as opposed to one that is within local reach but does not tick all of the required boxes.

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