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Q: I’m looking to do a interactive presentation dvd or cd business cards to send to my customers instead of sending brochures.

Can you give me an idea of how this would work for me and how much it would cost.

Do you have any demo videos?

Sales Manager
Outdoor Leisure Industry

A: You also asked if a DVD or CD makes a substitute for a brochure?

There’s a lot of debate over this. People are more likely to be convinced by a video which brings your leisure services to life than still images on a brochure page.

But a brochure page is very handy and quick for passing round the table at dinner, when all the family are together.

So why not do both?

Most companies opt for a double or triple A4 fold-out brochure with a card pocket to hold the CD or DVD. It looks an impressive package, and this alone will start convincing the family that you’re a top location to spend time with.

And don’t forget, you can always stream the video clips from the web!

If you’d like to see demos we have lots of galleries online. 

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