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Q: I’m looking for a company that can make interactive lecture DVD with slides that changes with the lecture.

Ecommerce Consultancy

A: From your question and your area of business, it’s not hard to guess that you need a top notch presentation that will clearly demonstrate the advantages of the ecommerce consultancy services you offer.

This is quite tough as many people don’t really know that much about ecommerce.

And those that do know something still don’t really know that much, as ecommerce is a big field involving lots of disciplines, from advertising to programming to online merchandising.

My own experience is that many customers bluff a little in this area, as they don’t want to be shown up for not knowing!

This aside, the biggest problem for making a case for ecommerce is that it’s such a big field that most people don’t understand it all, and even if they do (because of your great presentation) they’ll be mentally exhausted by the end of it, and unlikely to give you a favourable decision.

Facing up to this situation about audience-exhaustion enables us to realise that any presentation needs to be absolutely succinct.

It must divulge enough info to give buyers confidence.

Yet it must cut off before it gets too deep, and eyes start to glaze over.

To achieve the conciseness required, it’s probably easier to productise all the different layers of service you offer, and present each one separately, as part of a controlled sequence.

Just for a moment we’ll take a look at what “productising” means.

Your consultancy service is probably quite organic where every part of the service quite naturally overlaps with other parts. For example programming overlaps with search engine optimisation, and advertising overlaps with online merchandising.

This presents a problem as everything overlaps.

So where do you start and where do you end?

This is the consultant’s perennial problem.

Productising solves this.

Break every aspect of your consultancy down into a separate “product”.

Price each product, and write a short list of each of the bullet points and USPs it has.

Do this for every aspect of your consultancy, converting each into a separate product.

This is a worthwhile exercise as it will allow you to lecture on any given aspect of your consultancy without getting dragged into overlaps and red herrings. You’ll be able to control your audience questions better.

Productising will allow you to always keep your message focussed to your goal, which is to sell some element of your consultancy in a clear way that makes it easy to decide in your favour.

So, in one way, I’ve not really answered the question on how to make a flexible DVD for lectures. I think you know how to do this already (it’s called powerpoint).

What I’ve tried to answer is the underlying problem that exists when trying to sell consultancy services where there’s lots of overlap, technical complexity and lack of audience comprehension.

Taking a “productising” approach will make your service easier and more rational to understand.

It will also allow you to know when to stop speaking about what you offer, and avoid getting drawn into long lectures that only succeed in generating non-buying behaviour from the audience.

If you can map out your service areas as discrete and distinct products, then I would advise you do this prior to ordering a multimedia DVD.

It will ensure that when you do produce your interactive DVD it becomes a real business winner for you.

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