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Q: We’d like to produce an interactive DVD demo based on our software, for our resellers to show to their customers.

Our software offers a standalone security solution that covers a range of industries worldwide.

We need to support our international resellers better.

Marketing Manager
Software Solutions Company

A: Live software demonstrations are always a problem as so much depends on them – a signed business contract – yet so much can go wrong.

Typical sales demonstration problems include:

> Reseller / demonstrator not having enough knowledge to answer all questions

> Reseller lacks the confidence to give a good demonstration

> Demonstrations can be overlong

> Demonstrations can be exhausting, making decision-making more difficult

An interactive DVD of prepared demonstrations will solve these problems at a stroke and lead to greater sales conversion, because:

> Less reseller skill is required

> Even new resellers can give credible demonstrations

> Only the sections the corporate customer needs to see are shown

> It will increase your credibility

I’d suggest that interactive DVD software demonstrations actually sell better than real live demonstrations.

In addition, a DVD offers more security than streaming publicly on the web, as:

> You don’t give away all your trade secrets to competitors who will instantly copy you

> Many countries don’t allow streaming video


What’s required is the perfect repeatable software demo that is foolproof.

Here’s how your interactive DVD production could look and feel:

Each demo menu option will be a video of a relevant part of the actual demo.

But additionally you could include:

> Professional voiceover (and music?) carefully scripted to describe what’s happening onscreen, and what it’s implications / benefits are

> Zooms to clearly show detail at field level

> Graphic highlights, such as stylish boxes and arrows, to indicate important areas of the screen, eg, results fields.

> Animated graphic captions to reinforce key learning / sales points

> Tight editing so there is no waiting. The whole demo will have pace and momentum.

You can learn more about interactive DVD production

The overall result from a production like this is the Perfect, Repeatable, Memorable demo.

By comparison, competitor demos will look home-made and downmarket.

You will have a superior marketing tool.

How many demos are required?

I’ve suggested 5 demo options.

The actual number of demos needed will depend on what you think it takes to convince a client to sign for a free trial, or other Deal Closing Action.

Having a number of short demos allows the Reseller to show just what is required no more, no less. The process becomes more controlled and manageable.

This avoids the daily angst of the live demo, ie, the demonstrator shows too much, exhausting the audience, and actually delaying the decision.

How the Reseller can deploy the interactive DVD demo

> Direct to client one-to-one

> Projected big screen in a boardroom or seminar

> Autoplay at exhibitions and conferences

> Online versions can also be produced for web play, by private invitation to secure pages.

Why the interactive DVD demonstration solution will deliver more business

> It’s scalable to any size of client or demonstration, and the time available.

> It delivers a prestigious message. You will look the best in the world, putting miles of clear blue water between you and competitors.

> Resellers can use it successfully with minimal training. Your Mum could sell with it!

> It can be produced in any foreign language.

Most importantly, clients will understand what you offer – and like you for it.

And once they understand, they can make a decision. Buy a licence!


An interactive DVD demonstration will win you business

Your Resellers will snatch it out of your hand!

They could invite clients in bulk to seminars with a marketing tool like this.

You and your resellers will feel proud to show it.

Clients will prefer an interactive DVD software demonstration as it allows them to gain the most possible information in the least time.

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