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Q: We are looking at putting a sales training DVD together in regarding the selling of our car insurance products. The idea would be to show various scenarios on how to sell the products and how to react to objections customers may give.

At this stage i am looking at possible costings.

Team Manager
Motor Insurance Company

A: This type of insurance sales training requires drama and a cast of actors.

You need a series of short cameos that enact the different sales situations, and a small cast of actors to play them.

Using drama with actors will show all the interpersonal skills and all the different customer situations that are required. Nuance is everything in interpersonal sales skills.

Using video drama with actors is a far more effective sales training method than simply telling them in a classroom.

This is because:

> Every nuance required to be learned can be shown exactly right onscreen

> Your trainees will like the cast, and want to emulate their skills

> Video will deliver a consistent repeatable message every time

By comparison, classroom training is not so reliable, for any number of reasons:

> This type of training needs enthusiasm, which isn’t so easy for a trainer to deliver 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year. You’re only human!

> Some staff trainees won’t respond to “playacting” in class. While they can make very good salespeople, they are only emotionally equipped to deal with real situations, and not training scenarios. Basically, they just won’t play, and this can make them look unnecessarily bad in training – when they’re quite possibly excellent sales people.

You can develop your video scenes to cover different sales people types, as well as different product sales situations.

For example, some sales people are Smoothies, while some are very Dominant.

So you could write your scripts to show how a Smoothy would handle the same objection compared to a Dominant.

While the words might be very similar the manner will be quite different.

By showing the two different types of salesperson, your audience will relate better to the two different approaches and pick the one that’s more naturally suited to them. They’ll learn better how to deal with customer problems this way.

An ancient wisdom springs to mind here:

Show me and I will understand

Showing people is far more effective than “telling” them. A sales training DVD will show them.

Training videos can be seen here

If the majority of the work is from a call centre, you could use split screen to show both the salesperson and the customer on the phone together.

If you combine the video learning with your own work sheets, then you’ll have a fairly effective sales training package.

Assuming you need a 15-30 minute video, the whole shoot should take 1-2 days.

You can expect to pay £15k-£20k, and it will take around 3 months to produce a DVD.

You might be able to buy for less, but remember that you need a convincing script, convincing actors, and a video production company that is skilled in this area.

In an industry like car insurance sales where sales skills are paramount, a custom sales training video will deliver the best possible message – every time.

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