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Q: We’re looking for an instant impact promotional video and need advice.

We are an IT software provider for the property industry and will shortly be attending a major exhibition in Cannes.

We will be sponsoring the microsite dedicated to this event through our online publisher.

With this sponsorship comes a 15 sec pre-roll video which will be added to all their videos at the beginning, a captured audience.

The 15 sec video will need to be motion graphics, using our logo and USP’s/facts.

Perhaps we’ll use a few screenshots of our software, but mostly we’re looking for something high-tech looking as a leading software supplier to our marketplace.

We are exhibiting at the conference so the aim of the video is to motivate people to visit us on a stand and see a demo of our solutions.

No voiceover is required. We prefer dynamic/inspiring music.

We are the market leaders and have an impressive customer list and facts.

What suggestions can you offer?

Marketing Executive
Software Developer
City of London

A: As you mention, Instant Impact promotional videos rely heavily on motion graphics and music.

You can learn more about instant impact promotional video production here

My main comment is that it shouldn’t be difficult for you to produce, as your video is quite short, only a 15 second view. It’s not a 2 minute epic, and it requires no filming. So it shouldn’t be expensive either, as there aren’t that many features you can pack into a 15 second clip. And remember that promotional video prices came down in 2009 (as industry blogs bear out).

Here’s what you need to do:

> Develope a clear caption storyline that shows your USPs.

> Offer some art direction, say, using tried and trusted images you already own.

Offering initial clear direction to your video producer creates less problems. It means less time is spent correcting the video later, and consequently the price is substantially less.

The Production Stages / Points to aim for should be:

> To assist storyboard development: Based on your brief, you first need to see a caption & music-only version of the video. prior to the main studio production. This quality milestone (KPI) ensures the video production company – and your team – are clearly understanding your message.

> Ensure any images they provide are sourced from a high quality image library (eg Shutterstock) and not “cheesy smiling face” cheap public domain images.

> It is vital you have first rate music. So select from a top music library, with high audio mix & production standards.

> The post production compositing has to look absolutely compelling and riveting, so make sure you ask to see examples of the video editor’s previous work, and watch closely.

> Although you’re based in London, obviously it’ll be less expensive buying outside of London and the South East. Distance doesn’t matter in this electronic age (For example, now I communicate regularly with clients in New York, Berlin and Dubai)

Aim for a cost-effective no-frill approach that employs efficient workflow. You’re not a major corporation boutique-buying, but a nimble market leader.

Finally, ask for delivery as mp4 and flv (for streaming sites, youtube, vimeo etc), and mpeg2 for DVD quality playback from a laptop feeding a big screen or projector on your exhibition stand. Expect turnround in under 7 days.

If you follow the above pointers you’ll get a very powerful Instant Impact promotional video for a sensible cost.
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