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Your company & competitor analysis

We intensely research your customer niches and interpret them.

This way we discover their needs and tailor your video to send them this message.

Full Concept

We believe in a ‘full concept’ when producing your video – scripting and storyboarding are very detailed documents outlining what you will see and hear in the end product.

This pre production stage is key to an impactful, dynamic video that covers every statistic your audience needs to hear.


Sound is usually an afterthought when it comes to a video production done poorly – but we ensure a mix of music – voiceover – sound effects are all part of the package.

They intertwine perfectly to create something great to listen to – nevermind to watch!

We allow up to 12 sound effects per minute for infographic videos – these give your graphics life and really help when it comes to drawing attention to movement with graphics.

Up to 3 music tracks from an extensive – up to date – music library designed to stand out from the crowd, taking your audience on a powerful emotional journey.


A top professional voiceover artist is exactly that – we use the best because they get excited about anything and show enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is a very infectious emotion and you have to get your customer enthused about your message.

Dedicated animator

You get an expert dedicated animator for your project – but this doesn’t mean they’re alone at all – it just means they’re committed to helping you develop the perfectly polished video to time and budget.

Expert graphics

We develop expert graphics, captions, animation & post-production from scratch which match your current marketing guidelines.

Your stills & images

You already have images of your product – why not use them?

We can integrate any images you supply and blend them into our graphics and designs seamlessly.

Final iterations

We allow up to 4 hours of final iterations – any amends you want to make after the first viewing of the video we happily oblige.

Take a look at our Infographic Video Production Page with the link below:


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