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Q: We do not have an induction programme at all so I am interested to 'set the scene' and do the "who we are" and "what we do" and "what we represent" spiel, and over and above this the "what you can expect" and "what is expected" dialogue.

The interactive part - again I am fearful of being another standard company in the respect of the legislative requirements of health and safety, etc. I would love to be creative but I am afraid that isn't my bag!

The induction would be for all new starters at all levels and would encompass all those roles you have listed.

Our business is growing exceptionally quickly and is a young company - passionate about great care and progression.

HR Manager
National Healthcare Provider

A: You have choices in how to achieve your induction training objectives.

All the following will deliver the consistent repeatable message you require.

The main choices are:

> Online elearning

> Training Multimedia CD

> Interactive video or iDVD

Looking at these one by one:

Online Elearning
As an example, one of my customers uses an online Induction which we wrote.

This allows all the compliance issues to be dealt with in a thorough manner, as well as covering company scope and purpose, and all the topics you mentioned.

The programme sits on the central server. Any new starter anywhere, with online PC access, can complete the induction this way.

It also includes validation and quizzes, and will print out a certificate at the end which will go into their records.

This is not an "exciting" solution in the way DVD is, but it's a thorough and professional approach to getting people inducted.

Obviously it can integrate to your IT records system, but this is complex and may not be necessary. It could be undertaken as "Phase 2".

Here is an online elearning tool you can try out -

Pros: Thorough; can be extensive in content; validates; can later integrate into IT HR SCORM-compliant records

Cons: Often boring; people tend to skip through them

Training Multimedia CD
Something similar to an online induction training package be produced as a multimedia.

This enjoys the advantage of sound, so the new starter could listen to a spoken induction as well as read it and see it.

The addition of spoken voice ensures far higher information retention, than just picture and text alone. BBC research states that "when sight and sound are combined then information retention is almost doubled compared with sight or sound alone"

Pros: Can have extensive content; reasonably exciting to watch and listen; validates; can also include video clips and animation

Cons: Is standalone and doesn't integrate to IT

iDVD is another word for interactive DVD, where the viewer can watch video and use the remote control to answer a series of multiple choice questions.

Each section of content can be a separate clip of video followed by multiple choice.

All your topics from company intro to employee expectations to compliance issues (DSE, Slips & Trips etc) can be a section in an iDVD complete with its own validation.

Pros: Impressive to watch; validates; only requires a dvd player, tv and remote control to operate; high memorability; gets taken seriously

Cons: No IT integration; Gets expensive if it's too long

Your choice may ultimately depend on your budget. Online elearning is generally cheaper, and iDVD dearer, with multimedia usually somewhere in the middle.

If budget isn't critical then iDVD looks and feels great for the user, and creates a memorable impression of your company.

Induction DVD with supporting interactive training is one solution, but online elearning and training multimedia should not be overlooked.
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