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Q: We are in business of electronic machinery. We want to know that how a corporate video film will help us in our export business.

What are the advantages? Where we can show the film?

We are looking to produce the film in english for our export market.

For that we want to know the advantages of such a sales video film for marketing purposes.

Head of Marketing
Electronic Machine Company

A: To answer this question, I’m forced to be tough, at the risk of unintentionally giving offence.

To my knowledge, the biggest problem Indian export companies face in English-speaking markets is a reputation for over-promising and under-delivering.

The perception by US and Europe that Indian manufacturers over-promise and under-deliver may be quite undeserved in many cases, but it is still a common Western perception, so it’s best to deal with this problem immediately and resolve it.

The missing element for many Indian companies is Credibility.

Or not enough credibility.

This is where an export sales video can help enormously.

All good corporate video visibly offers a credibility solution.

You could say that video delivers Credibility.

Credibility is vital to win the confidence of suspicious or cynical foreign buyers.

A stylish video immediately gives a signal that you are above the rank and file of companies who don’t pay enough attention to their image and credibility.

An export sales DVD will always show your company’s scope & capability and products, always presented as a perfect message, ie:

> Memorable

> Repeatable

> Credible

In practice, your export sales representatives can show the video:

> From their laptops in sales meetings

> As part of a powerpoint presentation

> As a DVD at exhibitions, seminars and conferences

> Using a portable projector to present big screen in high level major account meetings

Video and or DVD can also be included:

> In direct mail

> On your website

You can use your export sales video in almost every route to market, confident it will always deliver the perfect repeatable message, with the credibility you deserve.

Information on marketing video production services

Production Options

Deciding to produce an export sales video leads to the next step: How to do it?

You can get a corporate video produced for you in Mumbai or Delhi, or other major international Indian city where English is spoken.

While these corporate video productions are fine for Indian and home markets, in many cases they’re not good enough for Western markets.

Of course, Delhi video companies will deny this!

But the truth is, Indian production companies lack the Style needed to penetrate Western markets, and style is all-important in the eyes of the Westerner.

The best solution is a compromise solution.

Use an English company to:

> Develop your concept, script and storyboard with you

> Arrange shooting of your business premises and manufacturing plant and basic editing with a Delhi crew who understand English.

> Have the video post production completed in the UK, where style can be added as part the process.

This will include graphics and video effects, and all the ideas developed in the storyboard.

The Indian parts of the video will be cheap to produce, but the UK parts will be a much higher cost, very expensive by Indian standards.

But you get what you pay for.

If Credibility was cheap, then everyone would have it!

Hopefully this explains why an Indian manufacturer will benefit from an export sales video in English.

© Studio Rossiter 2009

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