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Q: We’re a Sales Force Automation solution provider and we’re looking for ways to increase our leads through our website.

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A: A: Once you’ve got your site better prepared to receive more visitors, you should consider ecasting.

Ecasting is sending out mailshots from lists of email names that you can buy from a list broker. The names are from lists of people who’ve agreed to be sent further information, such as sales managers who subscribe to the excellent free Marketing Bulletin newsletter.

There’s an art and science to ecasting which we can’t go into here. But suffice it to say that many sales managers will be interested to hear about your software if you approach them professionally and offer a good online demo so they can see your offering for themselves.

One attractive feature of ecasting is that you can split test your emails. For example one segment could get Message A, while another segment receive Message B. Split testing will let you see which of your messages generates the most traffic to your site. Continuous split testing will let you refine your message for maximum impact and maximum number of clicks.

There are a number of firms offering professional ecasting services. Some offer a completely online service with no-frills and great prices, while others offer additional consultancy to help you get started, but of course you pay extra for this added-value, maybe quite a bit extra.

All of them will offer you quality metrics so you can see how many mails bounced, how many were opened, how many were clicked to go to your website. If you merge these figures with your own website stats then you’ll gain a pretty good idea of how well your ecast was received, and how visitors found their experience on your site. Not least of all you should see lots of enquiries forms filled in – which was why you wrote in the first place – to win more sales leads.
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