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Q: We’re a Sales Force Automation solution provider and we are looking for ways to increase our leads through our website.

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A: This is the $64,000 question.

Increasing the number of leads you generate from your website relies on many factors working together.

The first point of call is to have an Google AdWords campaign, which you already have. This brings visitors to your site, but in a competitive market like yours clicks don’t come cheaply, which is partly I guess why you’re asking this question.

But what many people fail to grasp is the importance of converting those hard won pay-per-click visitors into proper sales enquiries.

To improve your conversion, your whole website needs to be structured so that from the moment a visitor arrives, they’re given plenty of opportunities to try out a demo of your software, because until they’ve tried the demo they’re never going to buy.

If you don’t have a good online demo, then try using Camtasia. It records onscreen actions such as during a software demonstration, and then allows it all to be edited later when you can add voiceover, and cut out the inappropriate bits. Camtasia outputs to flash video or windows media video files, which you can easily stream to play live from your site.

Camtasia costs a couple of hundred pounds, and is easy to learn.

But if you don’t want the learning curve you can ask your local video studio to do this for you. If you provide the software I’m sure they’ll be happy to do the work for a fee.

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