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Q: We would be interested in the “60 second showreel” concept and possibly video ads for our website.

I would be interested in looking further into this.


A: Online sales video is most definitely the route forward for the leading edge marketer, accountant or otherwise.

It will increase sales by making more potential customers want to buy.

After all, mo one wants to plough through pages of text any more, when a short video can deliver the whole sales proposition in an engaging and compelling manner.

I’d suggest a 2-stage video produced in an interactive flash wrapper.

Here’s the story


The presentation needs to be in 2 parts, and designed to fit on the 768 x 192 pixel window on the page. This is ultra widescreen letterbox, and confers a very prestigious and eye-catching widescreen video viewing area.

You can see an example of ultrawidescreen video here

As you can see from this, the overall look is compelling. It makes the page look prestigious.

The first part of the video will be a Teaser, designed to grab interest quickly.

Part 1

As soon as the visitor arrives, the short Teaser opener will start automatically, appearing as animated text and images with an underlying soft soundtrack.

The runtime need only be around 30 seconds

This will quickly engage interest and make the visitor want to know more.

At the end of the short opener, the visitor will be invited to click for more info.

This will require buttons for:

> Audio mute on/off

> Click to Get the full story

> Replay

This is where flash comes in handy. The whole ultra widescreen video production can be wrapped in flash for online user interactivity.



Part 2

This will be a more detailed video presentation with voiceover and music, effectively the sales proposition.

The runtime should be around 1 minute, as it will need to go into more detail – enough detail to close the deal.

The presentation will end on an invitation to “click to enquire”.

Clicking will automatically route the visitor to the Contact page, where they can complete the Enquiry form.

Part 2 will also be designed to be effective as a captions-only message (when no sound is available, or speakers need to be switched off)


As mentioned before, the whole sales video presentation needs to be in a flash wrapper, which will make it compatible with every browser, as flash is virtually universal.

I could suggest developing the presentation in Flash, Flash Video and a post production suite such as Adobe After FX video post production software.

After FX is more sophisticated than Flash at video post production, and will make a more polished look. For example, After FX does 3D moves and effects.

The advantage in taking a sophisticated technical approach is the enhanced credibility that a superior appearance bestows.

Credibility is everything where selling online is concerned, so don’t stint.


A short sales video ad is a great idea. It will increase turnover as it will make sales happen. For an accountant this means more customers with an average lifetime value of 5 years each

The secret is to produce a two stage message comprising a Teaser and a Close.

Then make it all ultra stylish by using letterbox widescreen and flash interactivity.

Was increasing online sales video ever so easy?

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