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Q: We'd like to use animation or streaming video or something exciting to improve the investor relations pages on our website. We were thinking of something for our main investor relations page, and the interim/end of year results page.

What do you think?

Marketing Manager
International Services Group

A: To tell a story to investors, I'd plump for a explainer animation rather than video, which will just as likely be the Chairman puffing over what the results mean.

Stylish animation right across the top of the screen looks impressive if produced tastefully, and in keeping with an investor relations milieu and your corporate style.

The simples and most direct route is a short 30 second teaser animation on the main Investor Relations webpage delivering three short messages showing your group's best features and a summary bullet - all said from an investor's point of view.

For example if you've grown, then tell it in a caption.

Maybe like this:

International Services Group

> Year on year share price increase

> Earnings per share in double digits every year

> Order book stands at £100M

International Group - The UK's fastest growing services company

You get the idea? Quick and to the point.

The secret to making a teaser message like this work is by using good design and animation to tease well.

There are many explainer videos about that I feel look wooden or over-whizzy, or tasteless & graceless, or fail to communicate in some way, usually down to a lack of insight in producing three short effective captions (never as easy as it sounds) and lack of experience by the animator (every kid can do a bit of infographic these days)

For the Annual or Interim Results page, I'd make a longer animation, maybe 2 minutes.

Start by covering the most impressive 6-9 top points in the Operational Highlights section of the annual report.

Write it so it makes it easy for the investor. Give them an easy-to-remember grasp of what you're about and why you're such a market winner.

All this can be supported by animation, images, charts, graphics, professional voice, music and sound fx (yes, voiceover too)

The whole results presentation package will enable keen eyes to get an accurate and stimulating picture of who and what you are from a stock market point of view.

Now here's an added-bonus:

Link the two anims.

At the end of the 30 second teaser have a button that gives the viewer the option to play the 2 minute Operational Highlights animation.

By using the interactivity of video this way, you can engage the viewer's attention, then hold their attention by taking them to the annual results, which is the bit that matters.

The result?

Investors get the full key facts picture on 2½ minutes.

And more.

Investor relations on the web is not a topic many have thought about, and is usually dull and unimaginative - unlike the actual companies themselves!

Using animation and multimedia is a great way to improve, to stand out, and give the investor a more worthwhile experience.

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