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Before we get to the key message, which is about getting more video for less money by using interactive DVD (iDVD), let’s step back and take a look at why interactive DVD is such an excellent tool for delivering more effective marketing or training.

The fundamental problem of video as a corporate communications medium has always been runtime (how long the video is)

If there’s too much runtime, the audience get bogged down in detail they don’t necessarily need to know.

If there’s too little runtime, the audience get too shallow a message.

Interactive DVD solves this problem at a stroke.

Here’s an example:

Instead of producing a 15 minute DVD that has some sections in it that are irrelevant to some viewers, instead you can now produce an interactive DVD comprising 6 menu-driven 2-3 min modules.

This puts the viewer squarely in the driving seat and allows them to select precisely the content they wish to view.

Now here’s the catch:

In real life, breaking information up into short modules frequently results in the realisation that you need additional modules to provide a worthwhile experience for all your audience niches.

It’s not unusual to discover that you need twice the runtime you originally envisaged!

While a 10 minute video might have been originally planned, by the time the needs of all the different audience sectors have been allowed for, you may well find that you need 7-8 short modules.

And so a 10 minute video production has suddenly jumped up to a 20 minute video production.

Or a 15 minute production has escalated to 30 minutes or more.

This is in fact what tends to happen. iDVD means longer videos in discreet parcels.

Without a doubt this delivers a much more effective video communications solution, but the cost has risen, and this may be unacceptable.

So here’s the good news, and why this article is titled “twice the video for 1.5 times the cost”:

Double the video runtime needn’t cost twice as much.

There are lots of different ways to save budget on an interactive DVD production.

Here are two practical suggestions:

> One or two of the modules may concern minor topics. Important but small topics. These modules don’t need the relatively expensive treatment that your main modules require. Instead, they can be made cheaply in a fast shoot-and-edit newsy style. You can produce to a variable standard.

> To produce twice as much video, the amount of shoot days required doesn’t have to double. For example, I know that shoots often have “spare” time in them – time which can be used to film more material. Shoot days can be made more productive in terms of more material that can be filmed. Shoots can be planned better.

There’s more iDVD information here InteractiveDVDProduction.htm

Hopefully, you can start to see how double the runtime can be accomplished for only one and a half times the cost. This approach works.

Now here’s an extra big benefit from using this approach to interactive DVD production.

The same short iDVD modules are ideal for streaming from your website.

Consider that time-poor corporate audiences generally won’t watch long videos on the web, but they will watch short ones.

An interactive YouTube-style menu offers them interactive choice. And all this can be built into the cost of your original interactive DVD for only a little extra.

What you, the corporate communicator (trainer or marketer), get is the facility to communicate more effectively to a more diverse range of audiences.

You’re delivering more of the right information, in the right portions, to the right people.

And while an interactive DVD costs more than a single (but maybe less effective) video, the production costs are probably rather less than you think.

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