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iCandi Apps are a phenomenally fast-growing, UK based company who produce quality apps for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

They produce a range of popular apps, but their biggest success to date is The Night Sky – an innovative app, used worldwide, that allows users to identify the stars, planets, galaxies, constellations and even satellites they can see above them – in the sky.

Objective & Brief

iCandi Apps wanted to firmly place themselves as the leading Sky Viewing app – both in the UK and internationally.

In 2012, Studio Rossiter produced a short teaser video for the first version of ‘The Night Sky’ and the app has sold 5 million copies since then.

This was a low cost video designed to quickly grab attention and increase sales – it was displayed on the website and on the app download page.

In 2013, iCandi Apps released version 2 of The Night Sky – with brand new and advanced features, and came back to Studio Rossiter for a 2nd project, with the video being part of a wider campaign.

This was intended to be a longer and more dramatic video to build up anticipation in the run up to the app launch – on 1st August. The key was to use really stunning visuals that leave a lasting impression on the viewer combined with compelling music.

Audience: Global

The audience for the video are not all be native English speakers, and the age range of the app users vary drastically, from young children to Grandparents – so the video needed wide appeal and a simple powerful message.

The video relies on spectacular imagery and shots of the new features, rather than voiceover and many captions.


233,518 views for Night Sky video on youtube
8600 views on Night Sky 2 video by the 1st month

385,000 copies of Night Sky 2 & Night Sky 2 Lite (free app) have been sold since its release on Aug 1st 2013.

Comment on Studio Rossiter

I absolutely love the video! It is going to help us get the message out about Night Sky 2 in an extremely effective way!

Thank you for all your hard work and cooperation with us on this. We’re really pleased with the final outcomes on both videos.

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