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Are you new to marketing video?

Or maybe you’ve been told by your colleagues that your company desperately needs a video – but you have no idea where to start!

Don’t panic.

This blog will take you through a few of the various styles of marketing video that are out there.

Take a look and see what fits your needs:

Instant Impact

The Instant Impact video uses animated graphics, captions, video library clips and images – with music & voiceover – to convincingly deliver your remarkable proposition.

But the best bit?

No filming is required – so you don’t need to worry about getting your premises (and staff!) ‘squeaky clean’ for filming.

This is a powerful, unique and memorable style that enables Decision Makers to quickly understand and remember what you offer.


Filmed Marketing Video

Sometimes graphics and images won’t do – and you need to film your premises and staff to show your true and full offering.

Eg, a huge office and thousands of staff, a complex and high tech factory or equipment, a powerful CEO,

You can choose to film your own staff – to give a personal approach to the videos, or use actors who’ll really know how to convey your message.

Infographics Video

Infographics are great for when you need to present data, statistics or detailed performance information.

They allow you to easily educate & evolve the client’s perception of your business offering.

In short – clients will understand and remember your proof of claim.


Animated Web Video

Animated Web Video can help you to create a brand identity that viewers will connect with – by creating character that your audience will relate to.

It’s a fun format to watch – and will stick in the mind of the viewer!


Testimonial Video

We all like to research a product by looking at the reviews – before committing to a purchase.

Testimonial Video allows your prospective buyers to easily access some of your greatest success stories.

You can also take your Testimonial Video a stage further with an in-depth case study video to show what it’s like to work with you on a day to day basis.

This marketing video solution gives potential clients a real idea of the process and commitment you offer


The above samples are just small selection of the solutions available for your next marketing video.

Visit the Studio Rossiter site or download our whitepaper to learn more



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