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There’s an overwhelming choice of web video styles – from presenters to animation to live action filming.

So how do you choose the style that’ll work with your budget and marketing plan?

Because If you get it wrong, you might be in trouble.

First of all, it’s vital that you understand the importance and significance of your web video style – at the end of the day it’s the style that defines your corporate and business identity.

It’s your web video style that interprets your message and helps identify your company’s unique selling points.

Your marketing plan depends on it.

Putting your marketing plan into a web video

What kind of business do you have?

An easy to answer yet vital question – identify your business type and you can identify your business competitors.

Now you need to work out what sets you apart from them – what can you offer that they can’t?

What are your USPs (Unique Selling Points)?

It’s essential that you know them – your USPs need to be the foundation of your marketing strategy.

These need to be put into your web video – and your web video style has to accommodate them.

So, if you’re selling security your web video style needs to be authoritative.

If, on the other hand, you’re business is more retail based, then the style of your web video can afford to be more warm and welcoming.

Your web video style has to reflect the nature of your business, what it’s selling and what it has that makes it unique.

How web video style can make or break your marketing plan

If your web video style does not reflect your business – or makes your business look different to what it actually is – then the viewer will know.

And they won’t buy it.

Depending on the size of your business, a web video may require a substantial investment from your marketing budget.

One thing is for definite, a web video will define your marketing strategy – potential customers will pay more attention to your web video than any other type of publicity you may be using.

If you get it wrong, not only will you have wasted company finances on its production, but you’ll have jeopardized your entire marketing plan.

It’s worth taking the time and effort to get it right.

Find out more about how a web video can make or break your marketing plan.

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