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The very nature of Time has changed from days of paper-based management systems of 15-20 years ago

– to the present day of online, measure-everything, micro-managed business systems

– complete with a whole network of colleagues who are also plugged into your system

– who are just as dependent on your timely results as you are to complete your own tasks.

Suddenly time pressure has intruded in every way in the manager’s life.

It’s like time has gone crazy, nibbling at every corner of our professional lives.

Recent 2015 surveys we’ve completed at Studio Rossiter reveal that far from being better managed with all the IT systems available at their disposal

– many managers feel ever increasing time pressure in a results-driven & measured work environment.

So how does video help this situation?

What exactly does video deliver

Let’s step aside for a brief moment, and refresh ourselves with what video actually delivers

– the benefits of corporate video, if you will.

Here’s what video delivers, above all else:

Video delivers a consistent, repeatable and memorable message.

Let’s say this again so we understand it for certain:

Consistent means the quality of the message never varies – only the surroundings

Repeatable means it can be used over and over again without diminishment

Memorable means that audiences remember what they’ve seen on video, ie, video is effective.

How can video create Time for the Manager

Let’s start by you – the everyday corporate, marketing or training manager – taking stock

– and counting up how many times you say the same things in the course of a month.

As a marketing or sales manager, you might be repeating the corporate mantra twice a day for always.

As a H&S adviser, you’ll be inducting people every day, week or month, with the same old but valuable messages.

As a training manager you’ll be teaching staff and workforce in just about every area of their daily work life.

Now count up how many times you repeat yourself. Now count up how many times you repeat yourself. Now count up how many times you repeat yourself in a month.

And wouldn’t it be great if you could make this Time spent repeating yourself go away.

Or at least be a little less.

This is the big plus for using more video.

A video can deliver all those time-wasting, repeatable messages for you – forever.

Isn’t video just the perfect solution to the problems of time?!

Video makes time for every manager.

What’s your time worth

It’s easy for anyone to say “make a video for all the repeatable messages” you’re tasked with delivering.

But if the time you save makes your company a profit

– and the profit is great enough

– then you have a case for producing a video.

Some videos instantly generate hours, if not days of time.

For example, a contractor induction video can save a H&S adviser 30 minutes every day – at least.

This is 10 hours per month. Over a day per month.

For example, a sales rep can save 5-10 minutes per meeting by using video to deliver repetitious marketing messages.

With an average meeting time of 1 hour, this 5-10 minutes represents a 20% increase in available time – time to be better used exploring possible solutions with your client.

Over a year, this 20% time increase in real available meeting time can be worth how many extra deals? Work it out.

For a software developer, a series of video tutorials will eliminate the endless same-old, same-old support calls – virtually at a stroke.

Customer support time saves is almost worth an extra salary on the payroll.


Time pressure is increasing – and never going away.

It’s expensive for any manager in any professional discipline to be wasting time with repetitive messages.

Video delivers a consistent, repeatable message.

So analyse where your time is spent in repetition.

Then cost it up to make a video budget – wherever you can.

Every manager can save time using video.


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