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Q) How on earth is someone supposed to know how good your firm or organisation is in 2 minutes flat?

A) Show them a 2 minute marketing video!

There are primarily 2 opportunities for your marketing video to be seen by clients:

> in sales meetings

> on your website

In both of these situations, your marketing video will save you time – and probably more than you think.

But why & how do we want to save time? Read on.

Marketing Video saving time in meetings

We know from experience that telling our marketing message always takes too long.

And that’s without the inconsistencies that bedevil every presentation.

I think most sales people – if they’re honest – will admit to making a great company presentation 3 times out of 5.

In the remaining 2 times out of 5 there’s always have a problem, such as:

> it was just a bad day

> the client was obviously in a bad mood

> the kids kept you up all the night before

> and so on.

There are many human reasons for face to face presentations not being perfect

– that is until your salesperson or new business development manager plays your marketing video.

Instantly, they can deliver a perfect company or product / service profile in 2 minutes

– and know it’s precisely what your target audience want to see.

But there’s more to it than this.

Meeting time is precious.

Meetings are the time for encouraging clients to discuss their problems

– not for a salesperson to be standing there lecturing the client on your company’s achievements.

Having a short perfect company scope & capability video to show doesn’t just save time.

It allows careful time-planning in advance of the meeting so that overall there’s enough time available to win a positive result from the client.

A video is easily worth an extra 5 minutes meeting time to a sales rep – and often a lot more.

And measured over the quarter, this means more time for more opportunities for more salespeople to sell better.

Which is exactly what the marketing manager is trying to develop

– more available selling time within existing resources.

And more sales time means more sales, more wins, more turnover.


Video saves time on your website

Web traffic is so fickle and capricious.

People come and go from websites on whims – even when their intentions are serious.

The worst situation is when a potential new client arrives at your website and doesn’t “get what you do” in the first 30 seconds.

They simply leave.

Video goes a long way to solving all this.

A marketing video is effortless to watch – and inside a 2 minute time frame, it can alert the customer to exactly what your products and services are

– and why you’re great company to do business with.

This saves you both a lot of time.

The customer saves time by quickly understanding what it is you do.

You save time by allowing the customer to quickly self-qualify

– a qualification based on a perfectly packaged view of your company, ie, they see your marketing video and can quickly understand exactly what you can do for them.


Marketing managers can win time for sales people and clients by providing a perfect repeatable, short marketing video message

> for sales meetings

> for potential new web customers.

You can view marketing video samples here


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