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Scandal, underhand tactics and cut throat competition in SEO have forced Google to change it’s algorithm to level the playing field. Has it left your SEO strategy in disarray?

Here is a guideline of how to generate good quality White Hat SEO and meet the changing demands of Google and your users.

Your company needs to get a good search engine ranking. If you are not on Google – you are not on the Internet.

The reason Google are changing their search algorithms is to try and offer searchers the best and most relevant information.

In doing so they’re cutting out the poor quality and the heavily optimised content.

For those of you who are unsure of what I’m talking about, I’m referring to the increasingly murky world of artificially boosting your ranking on search engines – through unethical SEO (Black Hat SEO).

The changes are being made so only the most relevant and quality content reaches the top of the rankings for a prolonged period.

Here are the rules you need to follow to boost your ranking, but without diminishing the quality or reputation of your site:

> URL and Metatags – Keywording

This is SEO at its most simple, but don’t overlook it!

It helps Google and it helps the user to know what are all about.

Use the right key words – It helps people search and find you, because you’ve clearly identified your specific (and exclusive) market niche with your metatags.

Metatags are like road signs. They help the driver to navigate by pointing to where they want to go.

> Good content, good content, good content!

This is one point in SEO I can’t emphasise enough.

In a world of junk content farms and poorly written, keyword stuffed, and shallow content, you can really stand out by producing quality content for the user.

You need to give an audience exactly what they want in terms of information, and keep them engaged with your flair and delivery.

Make sure that your visitors are edu-tained!

Good content gives your users a satisfying experience, which will make them come back for more and increase the likelihood of them reposting your information, effectively giving you a free link!

Your rankings will benefit from this content with a better click-through rate, more links and repeated visitors who are interested in your site.

> Article Writing

This is another old practise that remains as useful as ever.

There are many sites where you can post articles about your business or industry that haven’t been over run with poor content and will help you generate content.

These sites allow you to post material that is then available to lots of visitors, including researchers and journalists.

Quality articles can create more traffic, links from the article, and other users, as well as boosting your rankings.

> Social Media

Social media is about networking and building relationships, so do this for your business.

Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are giants of the Internet.

They have become this because we all want to interact. We are curious about what others do and take an interest in them. And we all want are opinions heard.

Your business is no different.

But with an audience of 900,000 000 in the case of Facebook!

If you can create conversation and interest these are vehicles that will help your ideas spread.

Things can go viral – and can reach out beyond the daily arena of most businesses.

This is particularly so in an age when advertising on traditional media is increasingly less effective.

Remember the golden rules of social media:

– Be about the user or subject, not about you

– Don’t be boring

– Use shareable words eg how, why, most, you, best etc.

– Scarcity or novelty have value. Who doesn’t want to be getting inside information or something that no one else knows. It’s mysterious and sexy!

– News and opinion provoke interest

– Be relevant for your audience

– Be the underdog. Show how you’re the everyman and you’re fighting the big/faceless corporations. It makes you the goody up against the bad guy – It will match your White Hat SEO credentials

– Avoid competition, carve out your own niche and create your own exclusive market.

This all involves time and effort. It’s an expensive SEO philosophy, but it has value and security that the short sighted tricks that Black Hat SEO does not give you.

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