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Call to Actions are key for any marketing channel.

Anytime you have signed up on website or made an enquiry – you have been guided through a sales process. And you need to do the same with your potential customers.

To make viewers take the next step in the sales cycle – the last point of conversion is the Call to Action (CTA). With a marketing video – it is no different.

Of course, the video script will be written in a way that’s already solving their problems – if the right person is watching – the viewer is already being guided through your sales process.

So, if someone has watched your web video all the way through to the end – it means that they have a need, and so far your company probably fulfils it.

This is the not the time to simply assume they will get in touch.


Now the video has nearly ended, and the viewer has seen your scope and capability, you just want them to do 1 thing – this is your final instruction to the viewer.

At this point – there should be no detailed imagery or anything on the video that will distract attention – you need the user to focus on the text.

Trying to get the viewer to do 2 things may sound better – but in fact it will confuse them in a subtle way, so just keep to it to one clear concise message.

The same theory applies to any voiceover at this point – it should also match the caption – this is a great rule to follow in general with video – but it’s very important here too.

In a quick example: If the voiceover says call, and the text says write to us – then the user will be confused.

Why Should I enquire?

This isn’t the time to be vague – give them a reason why they should get in touch.

Why are they going to get in touch? To buy, start a trial, to get a sales demo? Or is it just for some expert advice?

Tell them what they should be contacting for- so they have an idea what to expect.

Although – keep this brief, there’s no need for a lot of detail here, just a short sentence telling them how to get in touch and why they should.

You can also add a sense of urgency, by just adding ‘now’ or an action words such as ‘go’ ‘get’ ‘sign up’ – this will make it punchier and stand out more.

Video Overlay

With many modern business web video players – you can also embed a text Call to Action (CTA) with a link to pop up over the top of the video – usually either at the beginning, middle or at the end.

While this is a good idea – don’t let the text get in the way of your video message.

If the CTA pops up too early, the viewer may not be fully informed, or ready to enquire, and it will break the flow of consciousness.

Your own analytics will tell you if you have used overlay cta too early – by showing that there’s not many clicks – or worse – at that point they are leaving the video!

It is a great idea to add a pop-up at the end of the video (after it’s finished) as well as the message that has been embedded within the video – it re enforces the message and makes it simple to enquire.

For example, They have just heard the voiceover saying “Get in touch now for a demo” then a few seconds later – there’s clickable text with the same message, with a link that goes straight to the contact form.

This makes for a great user experience.

Here’s a video example below showing a CTA pop-over part way through the video, and a link at the end.


Keep visuals clean and simple, no distractions
Give them a reason to enquire and use action language
Double impact with an overlay pop up CTA, but time it well.

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