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The budget for a corporate video production can be split into three main parts.

These are:

> pre-production

> the shoot

> and post production.

All of your project costs are related to these three stages of production.

So, let’s look into them in a bit more detail.

Pre-Production Process

The pre-production process involves:

> The production schedule

The schedule could be described as a who, what, where and when.

What needs to be done, who is involved and where and when it’s going to be done.

> The budgeting for the project

All stages of production are analysed and an accurate price is established.

> The script

This is the creative blueprint of the project – and probably its most important part.

The script is the starting point for the actual video production.

> The storyboard

A visualisation of the script.

The script is broken down to its main points and images are added to it.

All of the above has to be costed – and each one requires the time and effort of at least one person.

They must, of course, be paid for this.

The Shoot

The size and budget of the shoot really depends on how large it has to be.

Things that need to be considered are:

> Cast and/or presenters

If your video requires actors or presenters – then these people will need to be paid for their time.

The better they are, the more they will cost.

> Equipment

Shooting equipment that’s of a professional standard does not come cheap.

But it’s worth it to achieve a better look.

Just make sure you get the best for what you spend – click here for more on what equipment hire will cost you.

> Crew

The equipment needs to be operated by a professional – and the cast needs to be directed.

Once again, the better they are the more they will cost.

> Shooting Time

Cast and crew tend to base their fees on the amount of time they work.

The less time a shoot takes the cheaper it tends to be.

> Location and travel

Where is the shoot?

How long will it take for everybody to get there?

How much will it cost for everybody to get there?

Travel expenses must be covered.


For corporate video production – the post-production process is made up of.

> Editing

The best companies will use the best systems – and the best editors.

> Sound effects and music

The best corporate videos individually sourced, created and licensed music.

This makes the piece of music unique to their video.

> Digital touch-ups

Colourisation and the removal of anything you may find ‘unattractive’.

As with everything else, only an expert can really do this.

> Graphics and animation

Very powerful systems are needed to get that professional look.

And – of course – a graphics designer and an animator.

How to understand corporate video production prices

A corporate video has many different steps of production.

And each step costs money.

Make sure you know the cost of each production process.

This way you can scrutinise both the budget and the production as a whole.

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