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You’ve invented something; you’re in production ….

What next?

1. You want sales.

2. You want more people to know about you.

3. You want extra investment.

4. You want expert help.

5. You want the business to grow without stress and hassle.

All this will happen automatically when you raise your profile.

First step – what’s your business about?

This means encapsulating the essence of what you do and the opportunities you offer.

For this you need your first expert – a scriptwriter with industry insight.

Someone who will understand you perfectly and describe it in business language.

Believe it or not, this can be done in a single 1-hour meeting.

Next – what medium for your story

If you are selling business products, your market may be local, national or global.

Which medium will reach the most people without blowing your budget?

Phone, face-to-face, internet, trade press, mailshots, exhibitions?

And who will do your reaching? You? Another expert? A new employee?

How do you know which option is best?

Well, in 25 years we’ve helped 250 companies to get their message out.

In the last 10 years we’ve used the most cost-effective communication known to man – video on the internet.

In the nineties, video was used for person-to-person presentations, mailshots and at tradeshows. It still is. But now, web is king. It reaches billions of people round the clock.

Your business video can create a genuine presence in your marketplace. All for around £1500. How many weeks of a rep is that? Or magazine ads? Or phone time?

Business video will sell your product, sell your company, attract support and employees, and keep doing this 24 hours a day, month after month while you get on with what you do best.

To get started, you don’t have to be big

Video is today’s medium for any developing business: new-old, big-small.

It’s punchy, engaging, authoritative. It speaks to people.

You can get a brilliant one made in three weeks.

And your producer/scriptwriter’s business insights will save you months of marketing wrong-turns.

The message is: to go local, national or global – go video.

Get free video advice in one phone call

We can do a phone hook-up with you or your team and talk through what works.

There’s no obligation to buy from us. Some do, some mull it over for a year.

We’ll show you what’s available, what others in your industry have achieved and the smart way to get yourself onto that first rung of success.

If you want to go national, we’ll show you how. If you want to go global, we’ll help you take that step too.

You’ll be amazed how clear a direction you’ll get from one phone meeting.

Give us a call, we’re here to help.

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