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Q: How do we make our web video stand out from the crowd when we haven’t even decided on our own web marketing message?

Head of Marketing
Software Development Company

A: You decide on your web marketing message and implement this into the web video.

Easier said than done of course.

So let’s look at finding out what your web marketing message is.

How to find your web marketing message

What is your remarkable proposition?

What do you offer that your competitors don’t?

I’m sure your product or service has many unique features – an added value that your clients and users won’t find anywhere else.

These are your unique selling points – or USP’s.

To determine out what they are:

> Draw out three columns.

> In the first column – make a list of your key features.

> Now in the second column – make a list of your competitors key features.

> And in the third column – list the differences between the two.

Whatever you have listed in your third column are your USP’s – and this is what you have to sell.

Making them a part of your web marketing message and web video

Take your USP’s and weave them into a remarkable proposition.

Identify the needs of your client base – make the remarkable proposition work for these needs.

Now back it up – always provide proof of whatever you claim to be able to do or provide.

You have just created your web marketing message – now it’s time to put it into a web video.

Putting your web marketing message into a web video

The production of a web video begins with a script.

Establishing what your web marketing message is makes the writing of this a lot easier.

And its quality and content will be a lot better.

The script is the blueprint for the web video – it’s the most important part of any web video project.

Once we have that, filming can commence.

Your web marketing message can be:

> shot

> animated

> recorded

> and edited.

In other words – it can be brought to life.

How to pitch a web video message in a competitive market

In 2012, a web video is the best way to convey your marketing message.

But it has to be done correctly – you don’t want to have to make it more than once.

Make sure it:

> Identifies the need of your potential client

> Grabs their attention

> Gives them a remarkable proposition

> And provides proof of what you can do

And – of course – allows them learn your web marketing message.

Click here to find out more about how a web video can help you pitch your web marketing message.

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