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A well made corporate video is essential for the sales conference of 2015 – a modern audience expects it.

A corporate video opener at a sales conference sets you apart from your competitors, and shows the audience you’re a serious contender.

Making the corporate video work for your sales conference audience

Let’s look at the considerations that need to be taken when producing a video like this:


The right kind of music has to be used for the right kind of audience – your choice of tune will provide your corporate video with its identity.

Make sure it has a ‘feel good factor’ – that way it will captivate your audience and make you more relevant than your competitors.

Something upbeat will rise their spirits and leave them feeling good. Something too serious may sound grand, but have the reverse effect and leave them feeling confused or slightly sad.

Visual Style

The visual style of your video should be big and bright – it should be eye-catching.

The last thing you want is the visually bland sterile look of an average conference video – your audience are attending a sales conference!

So sell!

Also, include visuals of your workplace and workforce – make sure the audience know who you are.

This will help them feel comfortable when approaching you.

The video message

The video shouldn’t just look like a powerpoint presentation with bells on it.

It should – whilst remaining informative – be entertaining.

Make it fun and easy to understand.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a video that people talked about?

A video that people wanted to watch over and over again?

You won’t achieve this if your video bores people.

And if your video bores people, then you’re not going to sell, it’s simple.

The wow factor

Got some good statistics or charts that you want to show?

Using graphics and animations will make people actually want to see them.

Imagine having an animated bar chart!

Instead of just taking something from a standard spreadsheet you could:

> have bars shooting into the air – really emphasising the data.

> have camera movement to make them look truly 3D.

> use colours and graphics to capture the viewers imagination.

Add a ‘wow factor’ to your video – and get a lively atmosphere and an enthusiastic audience.

How to motivate your sales conference audience with a corporate video

To motivate your sales conference audience, use a combination of

> captivating music

> and eye-catching visuals

Whoever has viewed your video will be left entertained and enthusiastic for what you have to offer and will be prepared to listen to what you have to say next.

This will set you up in the best light when you have to give data and speak to the audience.

More on how you can motivate a sales conference audience with a corporate video.

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