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Making your marketing video less effective might seem like a joke, but it goes on every day as the rush to market with web video continues.

I see 2 major errors creep in when companies produce a homepage video.

1 – It’s only part relevant, ie, the marketing message doesn’t solve the customer’s problem fully.

2 – It’s positioned in an irrelevant place on the home page, ie, too low down the page.

The cause of both these errors is lack of planning, and possibly poor advice.

Let’s examine both of these issues – in reverse order.

Poor homepage position

Frequently I see videos placed too low down the home page to be noticed

– and often too small as well.

I suspect this is usually because the website comes with a big slider banner at the top of the homepage, and the slider doesn’t support video well.

I feel sorry for these companies as it’s a very difficult decision to make

– getting rid of an outdated slider banner

– especially as it’s often very attractive and eye-catching

– and it costs money & time to change it.

So there’s a wake-up call needed. It’s this:

“Hold off making a video
until you have a website homepage
that can support it to its best advantage.”

Perhaps there are people who believe that video is necessary, but not that important

– and prefer the slider banner approach?

The statistics disagree, notably:

> Video viewers are 64% more likely to buy

> 59% of senior executives prefer to watch a video than read text

I think for most businesses it’s more a case poor planning and not knowing what to do, as in:

1 – do we keep the slider banner and reduce the impact of the video?


2 – do we get rid of the slider banner to make way for the video at the top of the page?

Either way the net result is often that the video – which costs a fair bit of money to produce – gets relegated to some place below the slider banner, and often below the crease in the page, ie, it’s part hidden and probably too small to attract a lot of attention.

Sometimes I see the video incorporated into the slider, though this is more like a game of “trying to catch the button” as the slider keeps moving sideways

– and often this video-in-slider compromise looks inelegant, not making a great impression on the viewer.

Ultimately it’s lack of planning and not knowing what to do

– propped up by poor IT / web advice by a web developer who thinks they “know all about video”.

I might be biased but I think this is good video placement on the homepage.

Only part-relevant video message

This is the biggie for many videos

– and – as with page position above – the problem starts in the planning phase.

It starts with someone saying something like:

“We’ve got a product to sell.

what shall we say about it?”

– when what they should be saying is:

“We’ve got a product to sell.

How do we package our new video message 

– so it’s more relevant to solving more people’s problems 

– more often?”

This is bread & butter marketing professionalism for the digital age.

It means every line of the script has to be aligned & positioned so that it’s 100% relevant to solving the problems the buyer audience.

100% relevance. Nothing else is necessary.


The two best ways to make your marketing video less effective are:

> Poor homepage video placement

> Irrelevant messages in the video content

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